The Importance of Cultural Competence and Cultural Safety in Nursing

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Identify and discuss how two (2) social determinants of health helped determine the need for the project

Maternal abuse

Better health start from home, neighborhoods, and communities. Moreover, the resources available in our homes, cities, and regions determine health. Therefore, if kids are exposed to child neglect, for instance, environmental stressor, and negative aspect of the family, their health and wellness are affected.

According to the video, child neglect is likely to take place if parents have a secure social network and if they are, connected to their extended families and friends (Clifford, McCalman, Bainbridge, & Tsey, 2015). In this case, there is the need to develop a project that will help parents in assisting the community and in maintaining health and wellness of the cities and the kids.

Therefore, marital abuse helped to determine the need for Australian original community health project that provides a clear reflection of how child abuse can be reduced. For instance, young men who were arrested due to sexual assault (Clifford et al., 2015). To heal the community the professor, Judy Atkinson conducted a series of a workshop designed with the cooperation of elders, women, and men to foster care and support for everyone especially the children ("It takes a village," 2014).

Social support

This is the perception and the actuality where one is cared for and where assistance is available from the other people. For instance, the video project shows how it can better support the families in the community by helping parents to provide safe environments for children and remind them of their family under the mango tree ("It takes a village," 2014). Therefore, the social support helps in determine the need for the project. For example, the young mum program where young women and kids meet to share ideas play a crucial role in promoting social support.

Identify and explain how two (2) primary health care principles guided the project in the video


The realization of the need of young teenage mums in Mildura, a rural town in Victoria and therefore the program started with a young with maternal and child health services. For instance, the circle created under the mango tree, help the community to come together and build a solution to the challenges facing them. There was a need for the project to apply accessibility as a primary health care principle for the children who are abused and they come up with the solution to healing this trauma ("It takes a village," 2014)

Community participation

This involves promoting health and addressing health problems at the grass root at the grassroots level. For instance, the sexual assault at Kalumburu, an indigenous community where some men were arrested. For the community members to heal the trauma of sexual assault, they contacted Professor Judy Atkinson. In this case, the professor participated in the community by responded quickly to the call of members of the society to the crisis ("It takes a village," 2014). Therefore, community participation guided the members of Kalumburu to join in condemning sexual assault in their community. For instance, the step taken by the city to arrest men involved in sexual assault and to call the professor to rebuild the town.

Identify one (1) National Health Priority Area (NHPA) that will be impacted as a result of the program

Injury prevention and control

Injury prevention and control help in preventing injuries that are likely to occur in the targeted inhabitants, categorize unintentional consequences, and exact problems that limit efficiency to validate current and future possessions from funding assistance and director its duplication. The difficulties that are prevented comprise, getting adequate resources, founding consistency and rationality of measurement devices and regulate the time lag between interference and belongings (Whitty & Littlejohns, 2015). Additionally, a crucial component of a damage control program comprises of recognizing and investigating an injury problem, selection of a suitable interference, implementation of the interposition and evaluation of the outcome. Therefore, by identifying the problem and analyzing the solution, the community can maintain its health and wellness (Jeffreys, 2015). Interestingly, the safety and control strategies help in addressing social, economic and cultural components of the environment.

Cultural competence and cultural safety

Culture competence

Culture competence is the aptitude of providers and institutions to efficiently distribute care services that meet the community, beliefs and philological needs of patients (Jeffreys, 2015). Moreover, it refers to the cornerstone of providing superior care for people of all cultures by nurses who regularly care for patients in their most vulnerable state. Additionally, it is the capability to work successfully with personalities from various culture, economic, cultural, and religious background.

Cultural safety

It is the practical nursing practice of an individual or intimate from another culture that is determined by that person or family. Additionally, it is the activities, which esteem, nature, and recognize the particular religion of distinctiveness of a patient and aims at enhancing the distribution of health services through a customarily safe workforce.

Discuss why these concepts are important considerations when developing the program

Culture competence helps one in addressing attitudes that evolve into culturally competent care caregiver and as a result improving one to be aware of how culture influences the behavior of individuals and permit one to plan the best care for the patient (Garneau & Pepin, 2015). Additionally, it helps the nurses in understanding the altitude of their patients.

On the other hand, social safety is essential since it assists in developing the need that is related to access and use of healthcare services for all patients. Additionally, it relates more to the actions and activity of the nurses, health professional of nurses rather than focusing on ethnicity.

An example where Cultural competence and cultural safety are demonstrated

This is demonstrated where a healing circle is created under a mango tree where individuals are permitted to come in and share all their troubles and assist the community in coming up with a program of opportunities ("It takes a village," 2014).


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October 13, 2023
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