The Effect of Social Media Marketing on Small Businesses

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For a small start-up business marketing is vital to get customers. Marketing differs with prices and the nature of availability to viewer or customers. Small start-up businesses will prefer low-cost marketing techniques to save on costs incurred. For that reason marketing methods such as radio ads, mass mailing, and billboards are inappropriate. It is possible to get successful results with marketing on a small budget by being strategic on what you spend (Taneja & Toombs, 2014).

            Despite the introduction of other forms of contacting a business customer care representative on call customer services are still the number one way used by customers for service issues. Considering that the small start-up business has only one on call customer care representative, there is a need to incorporate other alternative ways in which customers can easily seek clarification on their issues. A call center will still have superior customer service experience since most people are used to this technique of handling problems. There will be delays in handling customer issues since one on call representative would not handle all customers. Customers will not be satisfied which may lead to negative customer response.

            Since social media is a cheap and readily available method of marketing with extensive coverage, it is appropriate for small start-up businesses. It is accompanied by either positive or negative implications on business products depending on circumstances. In this case, the negative product launch created must be transformed into a positive experience to increase sales. This is possible by frequently updating product specifications on social media for views to see and understand the product. Potential customers are then encouraged to leave positive reviews on business pages and profiles (Evans, 2010. The praises from other customers will lure potential customers into buying the products thereby creating a positive experience. While on social media there must be a platform to respond to customers. The two-way conversation with customers will enhance positive feedback on your products, therefore, increasing sales turnover (Winer & Ravi, 2011).


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September 18, 2023

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