The Firearms Act Discussion Research Essay

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Discussions about firearms encompass a wide range of topics, from positive to negative, and include recommendations for the law, general wellbeing, extensive control, and financial aspects. The crucial issue of whether guns, particularly those owned by citizens, cause more harm than good is at the heart of the impasse. The debate over firearms in Great Britain centers on two complex problems. First, there are those who support guns and think that there shouldn't be any limits on them because doing so violates their constitutional rights. Second, there are those who oppose firearms and want the government to impose restrictions on them. It is crucial to decide whether firearms should be burned in Great Britain. The article chosen to aid in the argument is The Case for More Guns that was written in 2012 by Goldberg. The article discusses issues such as the loopholes that comes up when a person purchases guns, and it goes further to give the incidences of various shootings, their effects and how they were handled. According to Goldberge (2012) “that closing the gun-show loophole would be both extremely useful and a politically moderate and achievable goal. The gun lobby must also agree that concealed-carry permits should be granted only to people who pass rigorous criminal checks, as well as thorough training-and-safety courses.”

This article gives detailed cases of several shootings. For instance, the shooting, which occurred while the new movie of Batman was playing at Century 16 Cineplex in Aurora, Colorado. The article discusses on how guns are purchased from the underworld market and how the shooters, in some of these shootings were still under the age of 18, which is a legal age to buy a gun. Conferring to Goldberg (2012) “People were disgusted that Harris and Klebold, neither of whom was of the legal age to buy firearms, had found a way to acquire guns.” It is apparent from the article that if guns were burned, people would still find ways to buy them.

According to Robbers (2005), the media filter knowledge of the public on gun control debate making such ban to face more opposition from the public. Even though the press has a role in covering social issues without any bias, which is not the case for the firearms control (Pohoryles, 2015). Critical and important facts are not, therefore, shown. If many people did not own guns, then mass shooting would not have been widespread (Smith, Shapiro, & Sarani, 2016). The main issue in the article is how to reduce mass shooting when many people already have guns.

From the above, it can be concluded that fire arms ban in Canada is the best way to deal with misuse of firearms leading to tragic incidences like a mass shooting. The ban will help in reading the number of guns in the hands of wrong people.


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July 15, 2023

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