The Four Pillars of Branding

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Branding in the field of marketing is the aggregate of the value of the company, and that entails its services, products, advertising, people, culture and positioning. Branding pillars involve the mental association or images, words, and emotions that a company, its services and products offer to prospective clients. The manner in which a company or an individual such a frontline of their business will determine the general perception, some which are good or bad regarding the future of the enterprise. Whether an individual is a service provider, salesperson or business, other people brand these businesses, and that requires an individual to be responsible and manage the company’s image so that they can prevent a reputation that can downgrade their services/products or deter probable customers (Djurovic, 2016).

            The four pillars that guide branding are an important consideration when building and creating a company’s brand. Such pillars serve as the best place whereby companies or individuals can launch both their brands and the entire blueprint that will guide their marketing strategy. The four pillars of branding include:


            Businesses cannot build their brands by copying what their competitors are doing. Creating a brand requires an individual or company need make themselves unique from other businesses in the market. Differentiation mandates one to ask themselves what they are doing that makes them distinct from other people or competitors (Djurovic, 2016).


            Relevance entails the concepts of meaningfulness, suitability and the value that the unique product or service that a company offers brings to the customers. If what an organization is offering is not appropriate or relevant, then their point of distinction will neither attract or keep customers (Djurovic, 2016).


            When a business builds a differentiation that is relevant, customers react with high esteem for the products or services offered. Brand esteem can remain high even when a brand loses the characteristic that differentiates it or encounters compet9ing and luxury brands. Thus, one ought to ask themselves where the prestige lies in what they are offering (Djurovic, 2016).


            Customers need to believe and comprehend a business’s point of differentiation. When understanding among the customers is high, the brand status is also high (Djurovic, 2016). When customers miscomprehend an individual or company, they may grow displeasure and dislike for the business, and that may lead to the decline of the sales. A successful enterprise needs to determine what they need their customers to know about their services or products (Irwin, 2011).

How this particular brand differentiates itself and builds a relationship with customers

            Third Love bra company is a company that specializes in selling high-quality bras whereby customers get a guarantee for 60 days. The company differentiates itself in various ways such as giving their customers the opportunity to wear the bra, wash it and if the customer feels like they do not love the bra for any reason, Third Love takes the bra back. Rarely will a company selling clothes, allow their customers to wear a piece of cloth and then take it back once the customer files a complaint with them. Moreover, Third Love does not just allow the customers to return the bras that they do not like after the purchase, but the company also provides a free exchange for any customer who brings the bra back.

            Furthermore, Third Love bra company is also doing something that is distinct from other companies by donating all the partially worn bras to the women who cannot afford to buy bras. Moreover, the support that the customers get from a group of experts who advise the buyers on the fit styles is also drawing more women to love the products from this company as they get additional services that they have not paid for. The better fit bras that are expertly crafted and thoughtfully designed are developed from the exact measurements of many women, and these bras are customized to both shape and size and also packed in exclusive half-cup sizes. The simple characteristics such as straps that will not slip, tagless labels and the extremely soft fabrics that make an individual forget that they are wearing a bra do help in endearing the company to the customers.

How Third Love bra builds brand equity

            One method of building brand equity is through concentrating on maintaining good customer relationships (Huang & Sarigöllü, 2014). Third Love bra company ensures that it not only releases beautiful bras but it also provides comfortable commodities whose fit is perfect. Moreover, the company also offers half-size bras that are made to last and serve the customer for a very long time. Third Love bra company also ensures that the bras they advertise on their digital platform are the products that they can produce and supply. Unlike other companies that advertise more appealing products and supply lower quality items, Third Love bra has ensured that they match what they advertise.


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