The Handmaid'S Tale

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In chapter 24, Offred decides to overlook her past which includes her old title because she wants to live in the current about the rules that are applied presently. Offred reflects on one of the holocaust documentaries that her mom liked to watch. In chapter 25, Offred was found napping on the floor in the morning by Cora who got scared and dropped the breakfast tray as she screamed. Offred informs Cora that she had fainted. Chapter 26 of the story reveals the embarrassment that Offred feels based on her friendship with Commander which made them have sex. Also, Offred still feels hatred toward Serena. Chapter 27 indicates that Offred and Ofgeln feel comfortable with each other and they are involved in various shopping trips. Offred and Ofgeln are participating in a discussion about God listening to the machine which is considered as a treasonous question, but Offred answers the question because she trusts Ofgeln. Hence, they realize that there is trust between them.

Chapter 28 Offred reflects on how Moira disapproved her relationship with Luke. Moira’s disapproval was because Offred was viewed as being involved in the snatching of another woman’s husband. Also, Moira shows her lesbian characteristics in which Offred accuses her of poaching other women. Chapter 29 reveals that there is an informal relationship that exists between Offred and Commander. Offred likes to talk with Commander instead of reading a magazine. Offred tries to learn more about Commander, but she finds it difficult as the commander only gives answers that are vague. Also, Offred realizes that the previous Handmaid might have learned some of the phrases from Commander and that is why she scratched a word of the floor.

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August 09, 2021


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