The Human Body Systems Relationships

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The skeleton system is my preferred bodily system. This is the skeletal structure of the body that serves as an organism's supporting structure (Coyle et al., 2013).

The anatomy and fundamental physiology of this system are described in detail, including the partitioning of the skeleton into two major divisions, classification of bones, and their related roles. The skeletal system's anatomy is separated into bones that form the longitudinal axis and those that form the girdles and limbs. The skeletal system also performs various physiological functions, including protection, movement, and storage (Haywood, 2009). In protection, the skull protects the brain, vertebrae protects the spinal cord, and the thoracic cage protects the lungs and the heart. The skeletal systems support the movement of the body. It acts as a level, gliding and a pivot in some other instances.

This system is unique because of the following; the skeletal system has more than one purpose as explained earlier. The system has different functions such as storage, support, and protection. We expect that the role of the skeletal system is to support movement (Pourquié, 2009).

An interesting fact about this system that I discovered from an outside source is that in every five hundred people, one person has an extra rib. These skeletal elements is sometimes as thin as a strand of the tissue fibers.

A common disorder of the system is Leukemia (Leukemia, 2011). The signs and symptoms of this diseases are recurrent nosebleeds, fever or chills, loss of weight, weakness and persistent fatigue and tiny red spots on your skin.

The etiology of this disease is the chromosome abnormalities. The common or standard test to confirm a diagnosis of this condition is looking at samples of the blood to determine whether there are abnormal levels of either platelets or the white blood cells.

Treatment options for this disease include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and the biological therapy. The prognosis or the outcome for patients diagnosed with this disease include chromosome changes and early relapse.

My selection of the skeletal system supports the circulation system to maintain homeostasis by replacing old blood cells which carry oxygen and carbon dioxide through the body tissues.


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April 13, 2023

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