The Impact of Public Housing Development in Toronto

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Transformation of Toronto's Regent Park Neighborhood

It can be acknowledged that the intense transformation of Toronto's 'Regent Park neighborhood' in Canada's largest public housing site so as to enable it to have a mixed income community will act as the benchmark for the development of future public house buildings, as well as, for the formulation and passing of policies related to public housing not only in the country itself but also in other countries. To be able to understand the beneficial effect of this transformation, it is important to put emphasis on understanding the impact that large scale developments have on the immediate community, as well as, a country at large.

Construction and Building of Inclusive Buildings

The construction and building of both physically and socially inclusive buildings in Toronto does not only act to influence both the non-market and the market housing in the area, but it also acts to positively impact the lives of the people living in the area, that is those of high, medium, and low income. By critically evaluating similar large scale projects that have been done in other countries, for example, in the United States of America (USA), the results of this particular paper reflect upon the following:

1. Building a Better Community

The efforts required to build a better community through the redevelopment of the park in Toronto as an evolving, place-specific, and integral strategy.

2. Weak Institutional Leadership

The weak institutional leadership around the park and how a strong institutional leadership in the park can be created.

3. Formal and Informal Mentorship

How both the formal and the informal mentorship can be used to rally all members of the community towards the creation of a better community, a supportive tool for the redevelopment which will give equal opportunities to those in different levels of income.

August 01, 2023
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