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In any urban environment, diverse modes of construction will only be successful if there are programs designed to enhance the different operations of local residents. In other words, for the different processes within the Oscoda County Community College to operate efficiently, and for the entire community college to expand and prosper, good coordination must be established that facilitates the activities of the various companies within the community college and its surrounding area. Due to these needs, my colleagues and I plan to set up a company writer's hotline that will consist of a telephone and an email service. The primary goal is to enable us to enhance communication within the Oscoda County Community College through the provision of grammar, mechanics, as well as the formatting of questions for individuals who will either call in or write to us. That way, we will be in a position to provide a much-required service to the local businesspersons, as well as offer positive public relations for the Oscoda County Community College.

The Outcome of the Project

The project is intended to assist both scholars and students who have challenges relating to grammar, mechanics in written works, as well as framing questions. The outcome of the project will, therefore, be enabling such students to concentrate in their studies since they will develop an improved understanding of various study materials. Besides, the project will allow the targeted students to communicate effectively with their instructors and colleagues, as well as improve their interactions with the local businesspeople.

The Audience of the Report and the Implications for Structuring my Report

The primary audience for the report is college and university students. However, with time, we intend to extend the project to include most of the businesspeople within the Oscoda County Community College and its surrounding, who have similar issues when developing business proposals or writing formal emails and newsletters.

How the Hotline Will Work

There will be telephone and email services 24-hours every day and 7-days every week to ensure that all the students are taken into consideration, including those that study up to wee hours. One a telephone call or email is received, there will be a creation of a profile aimed at enhancing the information pulling and follow up processes. If a colleague, for instance, receives a call or email and is not in a position to offer assistance, the call or email will be conveyed to another staff, with a better understanding of the issue, within the minimum time possible to avoid delay and reduce workload.

Advantages of the project

The project will provide quality, effective, and reliable business writing, as well as communication services to both the students with grammar, mechanic and question framing problems. Besides, the project will offer assistance to businesspeople within the Oscoda County Community College and its environs, who might have challenges in writing business proposals or making formal communications either verbally or in writing.

Costs of the Project

We will need to install an internet service within our operation center, which will cost $ 20 per month. We will also purchase computers and printers, which are expected to cost an average of $1100 combined. Besides, we will need an additional $400 for buying a voice internet device. The combined cost of office furniture will be about $800. We will also need allocation for advertisement and other office supplies such as folders and inks, which will cost $500 combined. Therefore, in total, the project will cost about $2,820.

Qualifications of Individuals Involved in the Project

Those who will take part in the project as staff members should be proficient in English language and grammar, as well as be graduates from any certified university. Individuals to be considered for the project are also expected to adequate research writing knowledge and skills. Besides, individuals with a background knowledge in computer programming will have an additional advantage.

August 09, 2021

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