The Impact of Sleep Deprivation on an Individual

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In modern society, people struggle to remain active for almost 24 hours a day as the economy demands much input. Many ends up sacrificing the intended sleeping time to work and at times use substances that will keep them awake.

The repeated habit results in a natural condition. Sleep deprivation, which has other contributing factors including psychological disorders like insomnia. Sleep deprivation is a situation where a person gets less sleep than they need to stay alert and awake.

It consists of a complete lack of sleep at either a given period or a reduced optimal sleep time. Researchers not those most common contributors to sleep derivatization relate to the current lifestyle and work-related factors hence affecting a considerable number of individuals. However, there is a variation in the minimum number of sleeping hours each person requires. Despite the difference among a diverse population, sleep deprivation has adverse effects and affects a nation's economic productivity. A disorder needs restoration where a considerable amount of attention is necessary to manage and prevent it.

Symptoms of sleep deprivation

Sleep loss is a common problem in contemporary society that affects many people at some point in their lives.

However, extreme cases raise health concerns, as there come notable body operation changes and imperfection.

The primary symptom for such a disorder includes daytime sleepiness while the recognized clinical symptoms include longer reaction time (Orzeł-Gryglewska, 95).

Other notable symptoms include disturbances in concentration and attention, distractedness, difficulties in memorizing new information, forgetting known facts, and making mistakes or omissions.

In such situations, there is a notable high level of stress, work effectiveness decrease, low motivation, and an increase in irritability.

People experiencing sleep deprivation tend to lose concentration regularly and cannot fathom an ideal situation.

In extreme cases, one can develop a condition such as insomnia as discussed in this paper and develop emotional or behavioral complications while associating with other people.

As a psychological problem, it affects the coordination of the brain, hence one looks confused and unfocused.

Impact of sleeping deprivation on an individual

One of the most significant influences on sleep deprivation is that it affects one's critical thinking, problem-solving, and memory at large.

As identified in the symptoms, one has challenges in reaching out resolutions on short and clear issues, which even affects one's thinking the capacity to handle the hard stuff.

Sleep is one of the essential elements about the human condition which, when obtained in the right amount, enables us to undertake critical daily functions at a peak optimization (Schumacher & Sipes, 6).

However, the society and community at large have the tendency of underestimating it and its vitality and hence prevent them from performing at peak efficiency.

Therefore, from various research on the effects of sleep loss, the result indicates that people who suffer from the disorder have challenges in cognitive thinking and the establishment of the idea (Davide et al. 46).

People complain of awareness and yawn regularly when the lack of adequate sleep is hence losing the level of concentration.

Overcoming sleep deprivation

People can overcome sleep loss in multiple ways including adjusting one's schedule to accommodate enough sleeping hours.

Studies show that Insomnia is the leading cause of sleep deprivation that makes people stay awake at night.

Under such conditions, one can look for ways of treating or preventing the purpose such as the use of Logic-Based therapy to handle the emotional problem.

When a set of people break these norms and develop their customs, which advocate for behaviors contrary to the fundamental principles, they are said to be deviants of the society.

Sociologists define the term as the violation of norms, either in the infraction of a minor standard such as over-speeding or murder, or a severe principle such as changing the natural use of a subject.

Logic-Based Therapy for Sleep Deprivation

In the contemporary world, many patients have psychological disorders with symptoms like psychosomatic complaints, anxiety, sleeping problems, and depression.

The signs have in accompaniment defects of emotional disturbances or behavioral complications, which have a close relation with events such as employment, financial problems, marital problems, or conflicts of interpersonal relationship (Paul, 38).

Such people benefit more from the application of Logic-Based psychotherapy (LBP) approach rather than other forms of treatment.

When people have faultless logical reasoning, there is a replication of faultless consistent functioning.

Logic-Based Therapy involves six logical steps which, when well-followed, help the client to develop a positive attitude on a situation.

The process includes the construction of the premise and conclusion of the cause, identifying the wrong assumption and later refuting the false premise.

It ends with identifying a guiding virtue of resolution, uplifting philosophy to create a potential Antinode and lately, utilizing philosophy to overcome the Emotional problem.


In conclusion, Sleep Deprivation is a condition caused by inadequate sleep for an individual. It has different symptoms with the primary one of lack of concentration. Some of the effects of the disorder include a lack of critical thinking. However, one can overcome the disease by looking at the source and using either preventive or curative therapies.

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August 21, 2023




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