The Importance of Goal Setting for Success

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“Success is an ongoing game (11),” states Rodger Staubach. The statement by the author shows that a single action is not enough to measure success. “A Tool for Success” is a book written for the young generation to guide them for future success. The book focuses on behavioral steps that people need to adopt for a prosperous future. The book is fascinating to read because of the approach used by the author. For example, he points out that being busy most of the time does not guarantee success. The best strategy is ensuring that the commitment works towards a specific goal, which improves the status of the individual translating to success.

The book is focused on success. According to the book, challenges in life are exams that define success. Positive results show that an individual can succeed when faced with challenges. However, the book does not equate a single achievement to success in life. It goes ahead to affirm that a single achievement, as in the case of an athlete, becomes the motivation required to face the next challenge. Therefore, success is a continuous process made up of short-term and long-term goals. A frequent encounter with problems sharpens the skills of the individual and helps in identifying the sectors that need improvement for better results in the future.

Rodger Staubach describes the mind as the first organ in the body that determines whether a process will be successful or not. According to him, anything conceivable by mind is achievable. The contrary is also true. The second is the formulation of a goal. The goal represents an intended outcome, which is the measure of success. For people without a clear objective, it is impossible to determine the best achievable results. The book motivates its readers by urging them to formulate achievable goals to avoid mental training as well as creating a platform for a more significant purpose in future.  Therefore, the best approach is writing down the goals and reflecting on them afterwards to measure the success rate.

A viable example is the case of a business. Short-term goals indicate the daily profits targeted in the market while long-term objectives might refer to the annual gains. The author details success as the knowledge of the things to prioritize and those to eliminate or push ahead. The most important aspect is to keep the momentum going without giving despite the challenges that might seem impossible to overcome. The book equates a person with a goal to a football player heading to score a goal. If the player reduces his/her speed at any moment, the defenders are likely to interfere with the fulfillment of his objective. Similarly, failure to concentrate on the goals and maintain the momentum might jeopardize the results.

To sum up, the book is very informative for people of all ages. It is impossible to find someone who does not encounter challenges while trying to meet their daily goals. The motivation offered by the book and the strategies towards achieving success can help such people and eliminate the need to give up. I would recommend the book for students struggling with academic achievement, politicians seeking success in their field as well as investors trying to build their empires from startups. However, despite focusing on the success, it is essential to give the mind an opportunity to relax and formulate the next steps to avoid mental fatigue and stress (29).

Work Cited

Staubach, R. (1983). A Tool for Succees. New York: Prentice Hall Direct.

August 21, 2023

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