The Importance of Gun Control

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In recent years purchasing or accessing guns or firearms has become easier thus enabling many people to own them. It is estimated that in every 100 Americans there are 88.9 firearms a number that is far higher compared to other nations (Hemenway and David 1). The Second Amendments which states, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed,” has negatively limited the control of guns because owning firearms/guns is considered an individual rights (Blocher, Joseph, and Miller 295). Guns deaths which in most cases are premeditated should be prevented by enacting stricter laws and the listed points will clearly support this claim.

Easily accessible firearms/guns result in increased homicides and suicides. A person with access to guns is more likely to either commit suicide or be a victim of a homicide than a person who does not have any access to guns (Spitzer and Robert 1). About 75 percent of deaths are directly linked to either homicide or suicide and firearms is in most cases used in the said deaths, this is according to report by the National Violent Death Reporting System that is governed by the U.S Center for Disease Control and prevention (Hemenway and David 1). Men who have or can easily access firearms are more likely to commit suicide while women will be in great danger of homicide due to the likely hood of domestic violence becoming deadly with a loaded gun somewhere in the house.

There is an increasingly public support for some gun control where many Americans are conveying added backing for gun restrictions. For example, on February 14, 2018, there was a shooting at Stone Douglas High School where a gunman opened fire and a lot of deaths was recorded (Nedzel and Nadia 431). It is documented by the Gallup poll that about 67 percent Americans advocate for stricter laws pertaining the sales of firearms and they got backing from others polls which includes CBS News poll, CNN-SSRS poll, and Quinnipiac poll. The restrictions demand a careful background search for anyone desiring to own any form of firearm and it should be from licensed dealers which were made possible by the enactment of the Brandy Handgun Violence Protection Act (Hemenway and David 1).

On contrary view, those that are against strict laws on guns considered it as a violation of the Second Amendment act which allows individuals to own firearms as a means of self-defense. They argue that the Second Amendment limit the absolute right in that, not every weapon, for example, grenade are publicly accessible (Kjeldsen 200). Also, the individual who is to have the gun has to be of sound mind thus ensuring that they are responsible for their use of the weapon. This, therefore, ensures that the right of the next person is not invaded.

Another view which is of the contrary view of strict guns laws states that the recorded homicide and suicide do not all result from gun use. They claim that guns, when not used, cannot cause any homicide or suicide and it is people who kill using guns. They are quick to agree that guns make killing easy, but it is not the guns that cause these deaths, it is people who predetermine their actions of killing (Hemenway and David 1). Also, guns are not the only weapons that can kill, people who have ill motive will always find ways and weapons to cause harm or kill. People can use knives for example to kill and strict guns laws will not be as effective as it would appear.

Further, automobiles cause a lot of deaths and the government has not banned people from using them, the same approach should be enacted with the guns. It is recorded there were 32,999 deaths in 2010 in America (Spitzer and Robert 1). To reduce the automobiles deaths practical measures were implemented which included a valid driver’s license which was mandatory and has to be periodically renewed, compulsory use of seatbelts and roads were constantly renovated (Hemenway and David 1). If only the same careful and practical steps were taken on guns use where only the licensed dealers were permitted to sell, only the responsible citizen would access the firearms, use of trigger locks to smart guns thus limiting who uses the guns and regular background check of the owners of the guns. This would ensure guns are not misused.

Stricter gun laws will limit the access of gun and this can reduce the number of guns in circulation. As stated earlier, in the States there are so many guns and more guns are being purchased therefore laws that will limit the access of firearms will surely benefit the community for there will be a decline in deaths. States with stricter gun laws have fewer deaths as compared with states where gun are not strictly controlled (Blocher, Joseph, and Miller 295). There are more deaths in Alabama and Alaska compared in New York which has the strictest laws pertaining to guns.  Also, many guns have a likely hood of human errors where misplaced loaded guns can be wrongly used by evil men and women which would result in accidents that cannot be reversed.

Stricter gun laws will make the world a better place to live in. It does not violate the Second Amendment rather it enables that all individual life without fear for only the responsible citizen gets the firearms. Though these gun control laws which are highly supported by the many Americans, guns in circulation will be reduced which will result in reduced homicide, suicides, and mass shooting. Gun control laws should be enforced and compulsory adhered to for they will enhance the quality of life by avoiding unnecessary deaths.

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December 12, 2023

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