The Importance of Negotiation in Creating Mutual Co-Existence in Organizations

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For many years, negotiation has played a primary role in creating a mutual co-existence in organizations, families, commerce, and governments. From the case study, I would bring satisfaction for both parties by clarifying to the manager why the purchase surpassed the proposed budget by $5. Since the economy is ever-changing, I would convince the boss by highlighting factors which might lead to an increase in the price of commodities like distance and the cost incurred for storing goods by enterprises. Since Lumsden (2010) highlights that taking structured pauses during negotiations enable one party to digest whatever is being discussed, I would, therefore, include structured breaks to explain why the budget and hours of shopping contradicted with the manager’s expectations.

The best conflict management approach to be used during the consensus would be accommodating strategy. The strategy is effective in handling disputes since it tends to agree with the interests of the opposing party (Saeed et al., 2014). Besides, using an accommodating approach will make the issue of using two hours instead of six to appear as a minor concern. Therefore, this approach will convince the manager that it was indeed appropriate to incur more expense and also use less time while budgeting the office team’s presents.

The first process to focus on while using accommodating approach would involve concentrating on the main topic of discussion during the conflict management process. Focusing on the subject matter creates a discussion mood between various parties (Lumsden, 2010). The second process would include remaining assertive while giving reasons for incurring more expenses and using less time to budget the presents. All these steps are vital for all parties relative to the negotiation since they help in restoring trust between the two parties. Furthermore, attaining good results after a negotiation process strengthens the relationship between different groups.


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Saeed, T., Almas, S., Anis-ul-Haq, M., & Niazi, G. S. K. (2014). Leadership styles: relationship with conflict management styles. International Journal of Conflict Management, 25(3), 214-225.

October 24, 2023
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