The Maze Runner Analysis of the Trilogy

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The Maze Runner trilogy is a delight to readers. The main characters, in fact, are children, however, act better than any adults and are independent people who can provide support to anyone in need, lend a shoulder, or lend a helping hand. This work should be read by every teenager in order to understand who really does not have an easy life, and maybe then they will understand the value of life given to us.

Analysis of the Trilogy

James Deshner's Maze Runner trilogy includes the first part called The Maze Runner, the second Trial by Fire, and the third The Death Cure. The trilogy is read in one breath, the book is very interesting, and keeps in suspense from the very beginning to the very end. It is very interesting to watch the main character, who lost his memory but did not lose the Man in himself, who seeks to help others at the risk of himself, moreover, repeatedly and sometimes without even having time to think. But there is a moment in the book when the main character deliberately goes to his death in order to save all of humanity (Zamani et al. 9). The themes of confusion and self-sacrifice appear to follow the line all throughout the book. Such choice is particularly relevant for youth that grows up, might feel confused, and must learn to sacrifice comfort to become adults.

It is also very curious to observe the "love triangle", when the main character (his name is Thomas, by the way) cannot choose between two girls and fate makes the choice for him. The whole trilogy is a series of losses, like memory, hope, health, friends, love, faith, etc. But in the end, the reader might still expect a happy end if one can call it that. In the beginning, however, the main character wakes up in an elevator that is rapidly moving up, and does not understand what is happening, it seems that his memory has been erased because he does not even remember his name. Later, the elevator opens and he is met by the guys who are in an amazing place, in the labyrinth. He is told that for a long time they have been trying to solve the labyrinth and get out to freedom because there is another world, more beautiful (Sims). The feelings experienced by the characters in the book are rather strong and passionate, making the work even more relevant to young adults.

In fact, a terrible epidemic swept the world, there was a solar flare and people began to go crazy, turning into people very reminiscent of zombies. Their minds were slowly being eaten away by the flash, and they did not look like their former self. And so a certain organization EVIL decided to save humanity and found people who were immune to the outbreak. They were supposed to save humanity, thanks to their reactions in the brain, immunity was developed (Zamani et al. 7). While the feeling of being exceptional present in the book might be somewhat flawed, it can also be a strong motivator for youth to develop personally and professionally or academically.

An intrigue as to whether VICE finds a cure for the disease, whether it is worthy to kill the immune in the name of saving all of humanity is held rather effectively by Dashner throughout the trilogy. An interesting series is quite interesting about what humanity is capable of just to save their own kind and what monsters people turn into in order to achieve their goal, how a grain of reason can defeat madness (Sims). The relative complexity of the plot combined with themes relevant to youth makes the book universal for both young and adult readers alike, becoming an all-time sci-fi classic.


The Maze Runner trilogy allows the readers to immerse in this story from the first lines, the plot is very interesting and makes you feel all the emotions experienced by the characters of the book. The author described the characters as well as possible, their character, their emotions and actions, and even the world around them. Thousands of the smallest details and nuances perfectly complemented the plot of the film, and later divergence after divergence, which gave rise to a new reality of the Maze Runner. The superbly thought-out characters of the main characters, which reveal themselves until the very last book, as well as the parallels of the love line and scientific developments, will not leave any reader indifferent. This is Dashner's best work and deserves the attention of every reader, regardless of their favorite genre.

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June 10, 2022



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