The Medical Value of Marijuana

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David Bearman, a psychiatrist, contends that marijuana will potentially cure a variety of medical problems. There are several cannabis-related medications available, some of which involve debilitating pain caused by a variety of pain-producing illnesses. Cannabis provides relief from autoimmune diseases, such as restless leg syndrome. It also helps with a variety of health issues, including attention deficit disorder. This demonstrates the advantages of cannabis and cannabinoids. Cannabis was the most commonly used ingredient in inpatient medicine in the United States from 1854 to 1941. (Bearman, 1). Marijuana has been seen to be beneficial to humans.

Merck, for example, has cannabis-containing drugs on the market. Modern science came up in the 1920s-1930s (Bergstrom, 155), and they started manufacturing medicine, and this led to a drop of use of herbal medicines. As many physicians could not believe in naturally growing plans could be more effective than the others that were manufactured. The United States federal control solver medicinal cannabis began in the late 1930s, according to Joffe and Samuel (640). First was 1937 Marihuana Tax act-this did not make it illegal but made it hard for companies to pay tax to use it. At last in 1942 cannabis fell out of the United States. The current drug czar John Walters argues that cannabis does not in any way (Bearman, 3).

Bearman has also produced a series of medical marijuana research reports to support his claims. The 20th-century medical marijuana research suggested that cannabis may be useful in treating seizure, treating nausea and also acts as an appetite stimulant. In 1985 it showed that cannabis had positive results to when used by AIDS and also cancer. For AIDS it helped in increasing appetite, and for cancer patients, it was used to treat nausea. In 1997 a large number of people were arrested in possession of cannabis, and they argued out it helped them relief muscle paid although it had few effects. In 2000, according to Watson, Benson and Joy (550), a center for medicinal cannabis research was set up, and after research, the results were low-grade cannabis was capable of reducing 34% daily pain. Research conducted by Dr. Donald Tashkin suggested that cannabis smokers helped in treating asthma. In 2006 International Cannabinoid Research Society demonstrated that cannabis smokers had a low risk of having lung cancer Watson, Benson and Joy (550).

Many people urge that marijuana criticizes marijuana without any medical background. They believe the medical use of marijuana is a hoax and believe that people want to legalize it s that people may abuse it and use it for recreational purpose. Many organizations’ have supported medicinal use of cannabis, fortunately. For example, the institute of medicine has had a report that marijuana has medicinal properties. David Bearman has also given the effects of Marijuana. It contains 21-carbon molecules that have 483 compounds which most of them have medicinal effects. It slows down the speed of neurotransmission thus causing slow neural stimuli. It also causes certain parts of the brains to be overloaded.

According to the analysis, David Bearman is asking the medical institute to accept the use of marijuana to treat medical conditions. This is because he uses examples in us of past pharmacists who used cannabis in their medicines, for example, Eli Lily. He also lists medical reports that were done in medical institutions to treat Cannabis for example Centre of Medicinal Cannabis (Bearman, 4). He campaigns the use of Marijuana as physicians to help in the relief of pain. His purpose is to make marijuana allowed to be used by pharmacists in making medicines. This is because he gives positive effects of marijuana made drugs over those that are manufactured. The issue at stake is that marijuana is not allowed in making of drugs, but David Bearman is trying to convince people more so the critics the reasons why it should be authorized.

Bearman’s essay relies on facts and him, draws conclusions from those facts. He states how the united states have used cannabis for pharmacopeia where he mentions the prominent drug companies used Marijuana to make medicines. He concluded by saying that marijuana is used to treat many chronic diseases (Bearman, 7). He also uses a\ generalization and applies a specific case. David Bearman states that cannabis most exciting uses are on a treatment of PTSD (Bearman, 5). He draws a fact by giving an example where Iraq uses cannabis for servicemen who are returning from war. Another instance he says cannabis can be used to treat a broad range of conditions and he states a fact whereby most in California, Oregon, and Colorado it is number one in relief of pain.

David Bearman is a credible and has a good character. In his essay he has cited his work well by producing reliable citation at the end that he used in writing the essay (Bearman, 8).he has used very credible sources in his work whereby he stated how the United States handled the issues of cannabis right from the 20th century to the 21st century. He has established a common ground with his audience by acknowledging some of the people who supported use of marijuana. DR. Andrea Barthwell, for example who served as the deputy director for demand reduction in the office who in his time was highly using medical marijuana (Bearman, 6). He has arranged his work in chronological way by giving the history of marijuana extraction to a history of marijuana use in the United States to its effects and later to its current issue.

In Bearman’s argument, he has emphasized reason but also emotion. This is whereby he has used emotion to appeal how marijuana has mentioned six prominent drug companies that used Cannabis for treatment, how many people consumed this mendicant with benefit and without reporting significance adverse side effects (Bearman, 1). He also emphasizes the great use of marijuana to reduce pain by stating that it would reduce 34% daily pain. In his thesis, David Bearman uses a formal tone. This is whereby he expresses himself in a respectful whereby he does not comment negatively on how the United States handled the issue of Marijuana in the thesis. He is stilted, and he is still on how he uses his terms in a logical way. He also states facts that exist for example stares directly the various acts that we used and also uses accepted chronological styles in his writing.

He supports his thesis statement throughout the topic. This is whereby he explains in every topic how marijuana has been proven to treat many conditions in an implicit way. For instance, in the subject, marijuana in the United States Pharmacopeia, he has said clearly how people consumed media facts from various companies that used cannabis for their medicines and had more benefits and only adverse side effects. In David Bearman thesis he uses a procedural claim by using a good procedure where he uses a thesis procedure from introduction where he says the way it is extracted to a conclusion where he gives his view.

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