The Most Attractive Place I Have Ever Visited

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If I could imagine of the most beautiful and loving place I have ever visited, then Dubai, my home country will always be a priority. I was born in Dubai, which is the most populous and the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Since 1971, when the country was formed, Dubai has always remained to be the most united, modern of all nations, and resourceful. Perhaps the city is home for not only native citizens but also tourists who come from all over the world to go and see the Emirates Towers and the Burj Al Arab. Is not it fantastic to climb to the top of the world’s tallest building? Indeed, this building found in Dubai is also a major tourists’ attraction site to many people who want to come and see the beauty of technology and skills in constructing buildings.

Dubai city is wholly modern and the numerous skyscrapers erected all over the streets give it a colorful and attracting look. I have grown up to love nature and the beauty of having a clean and attracting environment. Dubai is home for real nature as far as natural resources such as land, air, and water are concerned. The city is rich in beautiful parks and beaches which are covered by beautiful palm and bamboo trees. For instance, the Al Mamzar Park and beach have a natural environment, and if a person visits them, he/she could easily smell nature around him/her. If you could pass near Al Mamzar Park, then you will notice the beauty created in the way water smashes angrily against rocks in the nearby streams and rivers. The Jumeirah Beach Park is another beautiful place found in Dubai. The place has an incredibly soft stretch of golden sand, grassy areas, and palm trees that are so attracting.

Dubai is home for trading activities, and shopping is more comfortable for anybody. The city has attractive shopping malls, with the Emirates mall being the largest mall in the Middle East. In these shopping malls, many traditionally hand-made goods and souvenirs are sold, and the whole process of shopping is tax-free. People in Dubai value their traditional foods such as the Arabic coffee which is served on all streets in the city, stuffed camel, Al Harees, Shawarma, Hummus, and the delicious Al Machboos. People in Dubai are friendly, and someone could easily notice from the way they handle strangers who get lost in the streets or try to buy foodstuffs from the shopping malls and the street hawkers.

Perhaps the streets in Dubai city reflect a blend of tradition and science. The skyscrapers are scientifically designed in a Muslim culture and style. Many buildings are painted in golden color, a symbol of wealth and richness of Dubai. Although the town is little over-crowded, it is rich in all types of traditional artifacts reflecting the native culture of the people of the place and their mosaic culture. All the city streets are safe and free from robbers or burglars of any kind. If you could happen to walk at night on the roads in Dubai city, you will quickly notice a police car rotating and patrolling the city.

Dubai city lies in a migration path of different kinds of birds from and toward Asia, Africa, and Europe. A large percentage of these migratory birds pass during winter and autumn. Dubai waters harbor more than 310 species of fish and other aquatic animals. The city has a humid and hot climate, and the town receives light rains annually. During the rainy seasons, it is pleasurable to see the way rain falls down in long knitting needles. Diversity in culture and ethnic groups, in Dubai, perhaps lit up my life in the manner in which it shaped my character to the extent of being able to accommodate all kinds of people regardless of their race, gender, tribe or ethnic orientation. The diversity of Cuisine indicates the cosmopolitan nature of Dubai society. I miss the musical scene of my country, which is a home for active musicians such as Phil Collins, Shakira Pink, Elton John, Celine Dion, and many other world’s celebrities. Indeed, it is a pleasant experience and a great inspiration for having born in Dubai.

November 24, 2023

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