The most beautiful thing by Cameron Covell

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Cameron Covell's 2012 critical review

Cameron Covell's 2012 critical review of the film "The most beautiful thing" exemplifies imagination in literary works. This is a short romantic drama film. The overall presentation of the film demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of literary approaches combined with professional filmmaking know-how. This is a ten-minute film with a clear message and a strong emphasis on the strength of love. Several short films in the film show a simple progression from isolation to ultimate pleasure. The simplicity of the film is notable in the lighting, tone, and choice of characters. The overriding critical aspects of this film are the presentation of a romantic relationship among the unlikely partners. The reality with which the movie expresses the feelings of the protagonist is the basis of a great composition (Covell, 2012).

The Plot of the Film

The movie is about a young boy who is lonely and desperately seeks a date with a female counterpart. His efforts to greet ladies are met with negative responses. However, his last attempt on a girl who later turns out to be a deaf changes his life. The girld apparently notices a rear sense of strong feeling towards him and notify him through righting about her hearing problem. The boy picks it up from there and they engage in exchanging pleasantries through writing until the boy successfully books a date. However, one time when the boy comes to meet his girl, he encounters a perceived competitor seated in his position on the bench. Jealousy creeps in and he shy away indicating his displeasure to the apologetic girl. The next encounter with his competitor kissing the girl make him infuriated but the girl make efforts to convince him that the kiss was non-consensual (White, 2016). The film ends on a high note when the boy finds true love in the deaf.

Themes and Setting

The film centers on the power of love. The sensitivity of disability is evident in the film as they boy could not realize the girl is deaf. However, his kindness was manifested in the way he stoops low in as others may deem it and accepts the girl despite hectic communication in writing. As such the theme of innocence, touching love and disability is visible. The overall setting of the film is in school which helps in the development of the plot and puts the themes, characters, and tone in context.

Film Quality and Techniques

The quality of the film is exception. It is worth to note that the shorts are emphatic on a clear introduction on the extent of loneliness of the protagonist. The screenplay starts with slow motion shots that show the boy as seated alone. There is a balanced lighting and the acting is so real. For instance, the acting is focused on the loneliness of the boy, the pity on the girls, and the unlikely romantic steam that is noted between the two. As the transition of the story takes place towards the end, the shorts begin to flash faster and short. Such literary techniques as symbolism are observed in the work. For instance, unoccupied bench except the protagonist symbolizes loneliness and deaf stands for physical disability.


The film is interesting and informative. It is therefore appropriate for a young generation to embrace disability as its not inability, appreciate love, and remain focused. The combination of technical concepts of production and literary tools of analysis qualify the film.


Covell, C. (2012, May 15). The most beautiful thing. Retrieved from


White, A. (2016). You're the most beautiful thing that happened.

December 15, 2022

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