The Patient Protection: Healthcare in the United States of America

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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's repeal is a hot topic in the American healthcare system right now (Obamacare). The Obama administration promised Americans universal health care, but the recent Affordable Care Act (ACA) has resulted in high healthcare premiums (Huntington et al., 2011). The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is forcing millions of Americans to pay higher premiums, reducing Medicare funding, and causing people to lose their private insurance coverage. President Donald Trump's current administration wants medical treatment to meet the ACA legislation rather than Obamacare. The difference in healthcare policies between the previous and current US administrations has sparked a heated debate among politicians at all levels. The two competing solutions to this problem are either abolishing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to comply with the ACA law or revising tax treatment issues. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act have caused divisions in most sectors of health provisions. Revoking the Obamacare can be very beneficial to the people who do not directly gain from the law (Butler, 2017). It can also enable equal provision of medical services by the ACA law. Revising tax treatment issues can also help in solving the matter because tax exclusion will assist in hiding sustained true expenses that may lead to rising of consumption. It will highly benefit the workers who earn substantial wages more than their counterparts who earn less salary. The appropriate solution of the current healthcare issues in the US from the two solutions is revising tax treatment issues. Reviewing of fiscal policies will leverage all the employees by bringing actual cost into play.
The responsibility of the three levels of government is to safeguard the citizens by ensuring adequate provisions health care services. The federal government has a responsibility of supplementing the provision of quality healthcare services in the market through regulation of injustices and inefficiencies. Both state and local government have a similar responsibility of implementing the set policies by the federal government set. The two branches of governments ensure that every citizen abides by the set regulations for the health care system.

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October 26, 2021

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