The Role of the Physical Context in Relaying Important Messages

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Physical Context Integration

Physical context integration is important in relaying important messages to the affected parties. The precise integration of physical context allows the correct interpretation of the implied message. However, lack of integration of the physical context results in misinterpretation of the implied message. McDonald uses a physical representation of health diets but also incorporates meat in the menu allowing for the relation towards the restaurants among the target customers. Thus, consideration of the physical context is in line with the necessity to allow the readers to relate with the environment for accurate interpretation of the message.

Relevance of the Picture

McDonald restaurants are typically associated with high-cholesterol diets; thus, the picture used fails at promoting health foods through the enclosed McWrap and the visible chicken slices (Lenhoff, 2013). The McWrap targets the acquisition of the low-cholesterol fast-food clients through the integration of low-cholesterol diets on their menus. To achieve this, the picture should take into consideration the popular association of McDonald with high-cholesterol foods. Following the realization of the popular relationship, the picture should integrate a counter statement targeting the health enthusiasts seeking low-cholesterol diets. Thus, the picture should have quoted the cholesterol level contained in the burger.

Hiding the Ingredients

Also, the enclosed McWrap hides most of the food materials which creates doubt on the amount of meat and other high-cholesterol foods used in the wrap (Lenhoff, 2013). Thus, the restaurant should have two photos; one showing the McWrap before the wrapping process. Following the two illustrations, the restaurant will achieve in introducing a new product by allowing the readers to relate to the product as an individual product.

Works Cited

Lenhoff, A. (2013). McDonald's Premium McWrap Nutrition vs Subway. Fast Food Nutrition. Retrieved from

August 21, 2023

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