The Role of Treatment in Corrections

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Every criminal justice system intervenes with offenders to achieve the desired outcome of ensuring public safety. According to the video, treatment is critical to achieving the objective of corrections by engaging individual offenders in programs that address criminal behaviors and attitudes, thereby reducing recidivism. By focusing on reducing recidivism, treatment can significantly impact long-term public safety in various communities.

Community corrections play a critical role in realizing the mission of corrections and public safety. According to the video, treatment can be more effective if agents within the criminal justice system collaborate with external and internal partners to effectively accomplish community corrections’ mission of effectively managing offenders and enhancing public safety.  The video further argues that if the major aim of civic corrections is to achieve public safety by minimizing recidivism through effective management of offenders in the community, then there is need for community agencies to reach out to collaborative partners.

I believe that inmate management as well as the interaction between inmates and staff is a crucial security component for effective treatment and programming. The reason is that such interactions serve to maintain accountability since the staff get know inmates’ concerns and effectively address them. Additionally, the interaction between inmates and staff can normalize the institution’s environment, enabling the staff to be in a better position to monitor and react to inmates’ behaviors.  Such a conducive setting gives room for effective operation of prisons while also boosting the safety of both the staff and inmates. The peaceful setting also allows inmates to partake on programs designed to take care of their needs such as anger management, education, and substance abuse treatment. Importantly, the programs enable inmates to gain marketable occupational skills that are important for community development.

December 12, 2023

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