The Skeletal System

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Skeletal muscle performs a variety of tasks in the body. Their relaxation and contractions help in the provision of support and movement of the body as a whole as well as body organs. Also, the skeletal muscles facilitate nutrition and assist in temperature regulation within the body. Therefore, it is right to say that, the skeletal system can be generalized into two significant groups about their functions.

Support, Movement and Protection.

The most seeming roles of the skeletal structure are the gross purposes which are visible through observation. For instance, bones can be seen supporting, facilitating movement as well as protecting the body. Just like steel beams in building help in the provision of a scaffold in supporting its weight, the bones and cartilages of the skeletal system have the framework for supporting the rest of the body. Additionally, the bones serve as attachment points for muscles and therefore facilitating movement. Though some bones only help in supporting the body, others serve in transmitting the force produced as muscles contract.

Also, bones protect inner body organs from injury by covering them. For instance, the bones forming the ribs guard the lungs, and the heart, bones of the spine protect the spinal cord and bones of the skull help in safeguarding the brain.

Mineral Storage, Energy storage and Haematopoiesis

Bone tissues such as the bone matrix play as a reservoir of minerals like calcium and phosphorous that are critical in the proper functioning of the body. The minerals are usually combined in the bone tissues and therefore can be relayed into the circulation for maintaining the required levels for suitable physiological processes. Also, bones act as sites for fat storage and blood cell production. The bone marrow in which blood cells are formed are of two types; the yellow and red marrow. The yellow marrow has adipose tissues; the triglyceride stored in the adipose tissue help in generating energy. In the red marrow, the process of hematopoiesis which is the process of creation of blood cells such as platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells occurs (Anatomy and physiology).



"Anatomy and physiology." n.d. The functions of the skeletal system. 17 12 2018. .

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