The strategic report for Adidas store

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Adidas-Chicago Flagship Initiative

Adidas-Chicago has been operating as a flagship initiative for a month. Long (2017) notes that its second-quarter earnings increased by 19%, and its net income increased to roughly $409 million, as a result of its concentration on streetwear and urban aesthetics. Due to the backing of e-commerce, the distribution channels have also risen by double digits.

Personalization Option for Customers

The option for customers to personalize their shoes lends a big hand to the success of Adidas-Chicago's experimental stores. Due to Adidas' effective e-commerce, customers may check online inventories and place orders based on their preferences. The business has also demonstrated its ability to incorporate the neighborhood communities into its creative approaches by examining community needs. Nevertheless, in spite of these advantages, the company does not have a mobile App for shopping in its Instagram (Highsnobiety, 2017). The current improvements in technology pose a threat and bars potential customers who would prefer to buy through such means. Another weakness is the fact that Adidas products are quite expensive and as far as everyone would like to own a brand, not so many would afford.

Store Strategies and Customer Loyalty

The strategies for the store to improve comprise the fashion upscale of brands to meet changing trends and dynamics. The release of new colorways for their products like the NMD has helped maintain their market share not only locally but also globally. The Chicago store has also come up with a complementary wall that helps in posting new product releases and sharing upcoming events (Fisher, 2017). Well-informed customers help maintain their loyalty to their products.

Recommendations for Adidas-Chicago

I would recommend that Adidas-Chicago store create a platform for customer feedback in addition to the community wall. Due to the posed threat of competitors like Nike Inc and Puma producing the same sports accessories at a lower price, I would recommend that Adidas standardize their rates to make them affordable to most people.


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February 14, 2023

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