The theory of broken window

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When it comes to defense implementation, the Seattle police department is seen to be transitioning to a data-driven strategy. As much as the random preventive patrol is essential in Seattle, the security department is dedicated to improving strategies that benefit the communities. The police strategy is also seen to take a clear oriented approach to crime-fighting. Their efforts in using visualization tools and doing crime research by preparation are believed to have created a major emphasis on developing hot points widely identified for the crime. As previously stated, the police department has intensified its emphasis on youth, opioid, and property crime hotspots. The neighboring policing plan established by the SDP also adopted a focus that responded to emergency calls in less time and any place within the communities. They did it by developing a rapid response system that was linked to the suspect apprehension. It is, therefore, seen to be useful in specific emergency situations. Most importantly, the SPD is seen to concentrate on the actions of the police immediately after emergency calls were made. The use of websites aggregated the speed of action after the calls by monitoring the patrol time done by the available police to facilitate proactive work on safety related issues as well as neighborhood crime.

Above all, the paper has also focused on the long-term view that the police used to protect individuals as well as the society at large. The crime victimization and statistics through survey measures justified the criminal activities in the communities. The broken window, as summarized, is seen to have more benefits. It not only follows up on the crime, rates but also takes care of the society.

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August 18, 2021

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