The Transition of a Report into a Presentation

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The transition of a report into a presentation

The transition of a report into a presentation is a significant process because I must figure out a way to capture the audience’s attention and explain the vital sections of the subject within a short period. As such, my presentation will be in the form of a story that the audience can relate to (Reynolds, 2014).

Focus on alcoholism and its effects

I will focus on alcoholism, the effects, and the control measures for the condition, so my task will be to convince the audience that alcoholism is a weighty societal and health issue by showing the differences between the life of a non-alcoholic and an alcoholic. I will also focus on informing the youth about more appropriate methods of dealing with distressing issues to prevent them from addiction. Another significant aspect of the presentation will focus on how to get sober and come out of alcoholism. The presentation will also include guidelines for health practitioners on how to handle recovering alcoholics (Health Promotion Agency, 2013).

Challenges with Kaltura and the use of Nikon D5600 camera

One of the key issues with Kaltura is that it requires several trials before it can be utilized effectively. Furthermore, it has a limited recording time.

For the recording, I will use the Nikon D5600 camera, which is suitable for non-professional photographers. The device can easily be used by families and students.

Key elements of a powerful presentation

A powerful presentation must have a captivating introduction, a logical flow of the content, and a conclusion that keeps the audience engaged. The viewers should not be tired of listening to the speaker. The content of the video will address the primary issues without giving excessive explanations since this will take too much time.

Confidence in delivering comprehensive and accurate information

I am confident in presenting my work in video format. I have carried out extensive research regarding the subject, and I am sure that the information I will deliver will be comprehensive and accurate.

Strengths and weaknesses in video presentation

My strengths in video presentation include persuasive speaking, a good mastery of the content, and the ability to use hand gestures effectively. Being a slow speaker is my main weakness. As such, I may use too much time to deliver a point. Therefore, I need to work on my summarization skills.

Learning from famous eloquent speakers

I will maximize my strengths by listening to speeches of famous eloquent speakers such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Barrack Obama to learn a few tips from them on how to capture an audience’s attention.


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