The use of Robotics and Computers in Medicine and Health Fields

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Medicine and Health Care

Medicine and health care, like most disciplines, are diverse and have been taught and researched since the dawn of time. From the time medicinal practitioners administered herbs until they were largely replaced by better medical methods, medicine has advanced. The rise of robots in medical practice is another important development in the field. Concerns have been presented over robots replacing human labor in many work settings around the world, including the medical industry. The concerns are real, but the advantages of robotics are immense. Picture how beneficial machines that don't need food or sleep like humans could change how we treat the ailing and helpless. With some considerations, we can encourage the use of human experience in medicine while exploiting the benefits of robotics to our advantage.

Benefits of Robotics in Medical Practice

Surgical accuracy-Surgery is associated with unlikable experiences which many patients would prefer not to go through. Surgery procedures are always very complicated and time-consuming without alternative machines which are more efficient and faster. Therefore, the waiting lists at the health facilities are still alarming and dependant on the available resources. The da Vinci system which has been used in urologic and head surgery helps solve this problem by allowing the surgeon to control the operation entirely at all times. The system enables the surgeon to move tiny instruments into the patient's body with ease minimizing invasive surgery.

Proper care of patients at the health facilities-Among the healthcare providers nurses do interact with the patients the most. They verify the patient's condition and vital signs, ensure their hygiene is in order and deliver medication to them. All these tasks can be tiresome especially in facilities where there is insufficient workforce. Robotic nurses are therefore the best alternative since they can work efficiently for long hours to ensure that all patients are taken care of.

Effects of Robotics in Medical Exercise

High medical costs-The use of machines in medical practice is recommendable and beneficial to both doctors and patients but using them comes with an additional cost of medical bills. The tools are costly hence extra charge for each procedure making the use of robots very expensive for some patients.

Additional Training-Technological advancements occur regularly across all fields. Many medical practitioners do not get to use most of the machines used for complicated medical procedure due to the costs associated with obtaining such robots. Similarly, when equipment is upgraded, they have to go for further training. Without training, doctors can make costly errors that may lead to fatalities.


In health and medical practice, an essential elements are efficiency and accuracy. Any error can be so risky for both the doctor and the patient. The uses of robotics help reduce such risks and make medical procedures timely. Like any other useful invention, use robotics has its disadvantages which are much less dangerous than failing to use them in totality. Some of the benefits of the use of computers and robotics in medical practices are the accuracy in the surgical procedures and the suitable patient care at the healthcare centers. One of the fundamental impacts of this modern activity are the extra medical costs incurred since the operations are usually expensive as well as the need for an additional training by the medical practitioners.

November 03, 2022


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