Therapeutic Intervention as a Method of Managing ADHD

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According to Grossmann (n.d.), therapeutic intervention can be used to manage ADHD other than medication. Grossmann (n.d.) further indicates that medication is not the appropriate way to manage ADHD since it is expensive and may not fully meet the expectations of the patients alongside their relatives. Therefore, it is advisable for parents, guardians, caregivers, and family members to work closely with their healthcare providers to fully understand what is appropriate for their patients. In fact, Grossmann (n.d.) further emphasized that therapeutic intervention works much better than medication for children, especially those under the age of six years. Of course, ADHD symptoms can be detected early, and early intervention is more efficient. In this manner, parents, guardians, and relatives should always work closely with their healthcare providers for desirable outcomes. In situations where the symptoms are too severe, one can opt for medication other than therapeutic intervention for its more efficient for patients with minor symptoms and does not have any side effects on the patient’s health. Therefore, this paper seeks to discuss therapeutic intervention as a method of managing ADHD.

A recent survey by CHADD.Org. (n.d.), indicates that young children between the age of five and five are nowadays are more vulnerable to ADHD than in the past. As a result of the increasing cases, more methods for managing ADHD were devised, and therapeutic intervention was among them (Johnson et al., n.d.). Even though many scholars argue that therapeutic intervention is only effective for patients with minor symptoms, it should be clear that therapeutic intervention can also be used to treat patients with severe symptoms, but they tend to take more time. From this perspective, it is perhaps vibrant to recommend therapeutic intervention for treating ADHD given that it is effective and cheap (Johnson et al., n.d.).

Many times, children diagnosed with ADHD often act in a way that may challenge many parents or guardians; sometimes, they may forget easily or be overactive to act before they think. Such symptoms often make the children with ADHD to be in mistakes and punishing them frequently may not be the solution since it may have a negative impact on their self-image (Grossmann, n.d.). On such occasions, encouragement and understanding these children would work more effectively than medication. The outcome of therapeutic intervention can further be improved if parents and caregiver can be trained to administer care for the ADHD patients (Grossmann, n.d.).

In conclusion, therapeutic intervention is an effective and cheap method for treating ADHD. Research by Johnson et al. (n.d.), indicate that a good number of parents, guardians, and relatives still rely on medication for treating ADHD despite the fact that it may have other side effects to the clients. Medication is expensive and may not fully work with other patients, especially those with severe symptoms (Johnson et al., n.d.). The result of therapeutic intervention can further be improved if a client undergoes the therapeutic interventions for a longer period. Based on these facts, it is recommendable for parents, guardians, and relatives to work closely with their health care provider to make rational decisions that meet their expectations of the parents and the relatives. Therefore, parents and guardians should be informed of available treatment for ADHD before settling for a given method.


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October 13, 2023



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