Threatening Postures Hold Attention

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Postural cues and emotional perception

Postural cues are unrelated factors. Based on the participants' level of fear and perception, an emotion and a feeling were chosen from the stimuli of posture. Each state has two levels: the first, when a person just sees a threat or an impact on their mood, and the second, when they are truly terrified or genuinely joyful. It is possible to influence it between groups, and as a result, people's perceptions and levels of anxiety can shift. Dependent variables are the initial indicators of participants' anxiety: these data cannot be manipulated, lowered or increased, since these are the basic indicators that depend on the psychological nature of the person and his perception of different situations. Additionally, the fact that all participants had good eyesight is given. They have an increased level of anxiety and this is a given with which researchers will have to work.

Unequal number of participants in the study

3. In this study, 14 females and 8 males participated. Unequal number of participants in both sexes is a very frequent phenomenon for psychological research. In this case, all psycho-emotional differences, as well as the general mental state, are taken into account. This state can be a subjective variable, since each person has individual characteristics of the psyche. Since women are psychologically less resistant to stress in any of its forms, in this study there were more than men.

Unconscious body movements and stress

4. Participants in the test proved the statement that the position of the body and body moves occur unconsciously and in a stressful situation, when there is a threat to life, a person cannot control the natural reaction. In order for the predictive nature of the appearance of the goal to be achieved, it would be necessary to place the participants of the test in slightly different conditions. It would be necessary to stimulate posture and body movements, use verbal manipulation or create a threat to insecurity, putting people in a situation when they need to defend themselves. It would also show a body's reformation of each of them for stress.

State-Trait Anxiety Inventory for self-assessment

5. State-Trait Anxiety Inventory is an informative way of self-assessment of the level of anxiety. This method is very effective, since it measures the dynamics at a given moment. Dichotomization involves the transformation of data for the purpose of analyzing nominal data. In statistical language this means that the data obtained can be used in other qualitative and quantitative researches.

April 19, 2023

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