Thus Saying Rose the Monarch, and Prevented All Reply

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Satan's Introduction and Mission

Satan, who came to earth to deceive people into believing he is the great deliverer, is the author of this statement. To assume the role of Jesus Christ, the true great deliverer, Satan has arrived. In this instance, Satan is introducing himself to his daughter, vice, who is also known as. Along with his disciples, he informs her of his mission to bring them along with him when Christ returns.

The Hypocrisy of Satan

The quotation is from Book II, and Satan is the monarch who is predicted to put his life in risk while carrying out the perilous task of being a great deliverer. In the hypocritical state, he calls onto his followers such as Beelzebub to see if anyone would take his position in the deadly mission. By this simple action, the author firmly opens up the eyes of his readers to the real character that the Satan possesses; he is thus seen as a hypocrite and selfish being. It is not that he is willing to sacrifice himself; instead, he just wants to create empathy among his followers.

The Craftiness of Satan

Further on, in his Paradise Lost, Milton keeps showing the followers of Christ how crafty Satan is, as he is even willing to sacrifice his own men, simply because he wants everyone to go to hell with him. Satan puts himself forward as the monarch that also implies a leader or an individual who manages or organizes the missions. By doing so, he (Satan) makes all of his followers to remain quiet; thus, it reveals the meaning of the next part of the quote - "and prevented all reply." This warning makes it possible for the followers of the Almighty Christ to remain cautious.

The Subjection of Woman

"What Could I Do but Follow Straight Invisible thus Led"

The mother of human race or Eve makes the following quote in reference to her subjection to Adam. The quote is found in Book IV where Satan decides to complete his intent of taking over man and targets Eve instead of Adam. Satan thud decides to tempt Eve in a dream, and angel Gabriel is prevented from intervening.

It is through this aspect that Milton shows the subjection of woman under the rule of man. Eve says that she had nothing to do, as she was under the rule of man just like every other woman's will was under that of her husband.

Milton and the Puritans were the strong believers and supporters of the morality, and a woman's respect for her husband is one of the most effective ways of achieving this requirement. The quote thus vividly portrays the natural indoctrination of any woman to a man, because Eve insinuates that she is being led. Therefore, evidently, she places herself into a situation where she constructs a paradigmatic relation that is instituted by the canonical authority.

In this case, the reader can see that she is denied all forms of linguistic status and portrays herself as a third person in the quote. Respect or indoctrination to a man was a woman's way of showing respect for her husband, father, guardian, or any man who controls her life.

From a religious point of view, one of the parts of the sacred duty of a woman was to the man, and it was only achieved through the subjection. In his Paradise Lost, the author makes it evident that a woman was created for man. However, at the same time, she also has flaws such as her obsession to the beauty, and sometimes it is exactly what may lead her to sin. Such allusion, therefore, confirms that a woman has to struggle to retain her subjective position.

The Influence of Satan

"We Know no Time when We Were Not as Now"

This saying is a quote found in Book V, and it is made by Satan at a time when he has tempted Eve in a dream. When she reveals the dream to Adam, he comforts her, and they go about their daily chores.

However, God sends Raphael to admonish man for his disobedience and tell him about Satan who is indeed the enemy. Raphael, therefore, tells Adam of Satan, who he is, and his evil intentions for the world. In addition, the angel goes ahead and explains to the man how Satan has deceived many before him, except Abdiel, a seraphim angel. The whole idea is to portray how evil Satan really is and the strong kind of the influence he may have on people.

The quote is made by Satan, as he attempts to influence Abdiel out of the anxiety that he has no power to make this angel follow him to hell. Satan tries to show a seraphim angel that they were once similar in all ways. He tries to use some of these quotes to influence the other angels, so he can have the company in hell.

It is, therefore, clear for the reader that in the given statement, the author uses similarity through the use of the word 'both'. Satan's target, in this case, is Abdiel and similarity confirms the equality. From this quote, it is evident that Milton is trying to create a situation where most people would remain even more cautious of Satan, as he would go to any extent to obtain a soul.

In the quote, Milton also shows how powerless Satan is, as he makes it clear that he does not know what happened during the instances of creation. It is obvious that there is a higher power who the followers of Christ should strive to pursue, as he is the only one who was there during creation. In a very specific way, the author shows that he (Satan) has some forms of the weaknesses, and it is thus a source of the hope for the followers of the Jesus Christ.

June 19, 2023
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