To What Degree Can An Individual Choices And Actions Influence The Direction Of His Or Her Life?

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The choices we make today influence the quality of life we will have to live tomorrow. Every day we are faced with choices, simple and tough choices but both of them still matter. It is true to say that “our lives are shaped by…events of our youth” (E. Janice). What we encounter or face in our earliest stages of life tend to shape how we perceive the world around us. If we face positive vibes, then we will think of the wold around us as a good place which can support human life but if we face negative vibes then the world around us becomes a horrific place where every breath we take only occurs through sheer luck. We should always create time for our loved ones so that long after we are gone they can only have good memories that we both shared.

Every level of human growth requires one to make choices. When we are young the choices we make is greatly affected by people around us, mostly our friends and family. When we are surrounded by friends who are well off in terms of financial stability we tend to take the simple things we have for granted. Our rich friend’s house could have “wonderful playhouse with panelling, carpets, and lace curtains…” valuables which we may lack (E. Janice). They may eat meals that we’ve never even heard of or worse tasted. Such exposure can make us not to appreciate the things we own or take them for granted. The difference realized between us and our rich friends status quo where as they eat tasty meals like “lasagna” we are eating “cold macaroni and cheese” affects our mind and we tend to take the little we have for granted (E. Janice). With such variables we are faced with a choice weather we will appreciate what we have or weather we will take it for granted. A choice in which if we make based on our rational thoughts and feelings can affect the rest of our lives.

The choices we face in life also affects how we treat members of our family and those choices can either strengthen or weaken the family bonds. A family bond strengthens when we spend more time with our loved ones and it weakens when we slowly drift our attention and love away from them. Sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances members of our family cannot always be there for us. sometimes they can be in a “hospital bed” suffering from illnesses like “arthritis” that confine them to bed all the time (E. Janice). At this critical time, they would need our help but if we choose to judge them, if we choose to drift away from them just because they are bed ridden then that choice can influence the choices we make in future. When we are older we realize that things are not always as they seem. We realize that a mother’s fear is to “see their son in pain and not being able to brush away a tear” and from that mere thought we take every opportunity in our lives to cherish perhaps the little things that really matter in our lives. The little things that really matter are family and friends among other things. We usually take the ones closest to us for granted for far too long such that by the time we start to appreciate them live could have taken spin which cannot be reversed.

The choices we make affect the course in which our life takes and have a very significant effect on our lives. Choices have consequences thus the choices we make should not only be wise but also timely and taken with caution. We should always strive to appreciate the little effort that our friends and families make trying to draw closer to us.

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August 21, 2023




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