Toyota Motor Corporation’s response to the 2010

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Toyota Motor Corporation's response to the 2010 accelerator problem was inadequate since management initially denied the crisis and blamed it on their customers' poor maintenance behavior. Customers began filing accusations regarding engine faults and pedals when the crisis began in 2009. The management responded by first rejecting the issues and accusing the car's owner for installing incorrect mats, which interfered with the gas pedals. The response was unacceptable because it contradicted the company's clear value. The corporation is required to listen to customers and reply with the truth, but Toyota Company responded positively.ABC News interviewed Toyota executives, and they assured the customers that the sudden acceleration incidents were caused by driver error or floor mats. Other drivers were The CEO Akio Toyoda as the spokesperson apologized to all customers who were affected by the recall but denied any claim that the vehicles had defects. When the company received complaints from its customers, it responded by sending letters to the owners to notify them of an upcoming unspecified recall to remedy the acceleration problem which was not intended. The letters indicated that no defects existed in their vehicles.

The company was forced to admit the issue and to fix the unintended acceleration crisis because they were hiding it to their customers. The company recalled over seven million cars for the sticky gas pedal and pedal entrapment problems. The company did not publicly notify its customers, and they learned about it from the media. Lentz commented on the recall crisis and said that the company has to be transparent and quick to respond to the customer's complaints. The CEO Akio Toyoda failed to admit to the issues raised by customers which were ineffective.

April 13, 2023

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