Tracking Negative and Positive emotions

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The Importance of Emotion Monitoring

The only approach to learn about a person's emotional shifts and fluctuations is to do emotion monitoring in order to identify the range of good and negative feelings that one feels throughout the day. Emotion recognition is a necessary tool for measuring and interpreting social relationships, mental health, and human behavior. We as humans go through a wide range of emotions during our lives. Every day is a fresh start with limitless possibilities. We may have high expectations but are disappointed. Tracking motions can aid in the analysis of a person's psychological status and can be utilized to reduce emotional tension by being self-aware. I am going to analyze the emotions I have tracked for four days either positive or negative with the reason why they happened. I used a specific time tracking model whereby I would record my emotions at exactly noon each of the four days I was tracking my emotions. Through this, I was sure of validity and credibility because this is the time when my interaction with people mostly ended. In addition to this, this is the time that I ended my session at work and therefore I was sure that during this time I would capture all the moments that could depict my true emotions for the day.

Day One

I experienced more positive emotions during the tracking period. I had several positive emotions and just one negative emotion. The reason that I had positive emotions is that the day at the work had been a happy one. We had had visitors, and I had been assigned the responsibility of accompanying the senior officer in taking the visitors around the workplace and explaining to them the various sections of our work. It was quite a good experience for me. I was able to realize some of my skills and capabilities that I had not known before, and therefore it was a moment for self-identification. In addition to this, it was a moment that I learned more about the organization that I worked for. Being the senior officer of the organization, it was a point of knowing more about the organization as he explained to the visitors. Moreover, interaction with the visitors was a marvelous experience. I enjoyed answering the questions that they asked as they also explained to me what they did at their organization. I was also able to create my professional networks as during that day I met three people with the same professional focus as mine. However, I experienced a negative thought towards the end of the day at work. The senior officer asked me to work an extra hour in preparing a report about the visitors. I did not like this and I was disappointed because I had expected that he would appreciate my effort and let me go home early. Therefore the rating for the day would be positive emotions =3/4 - Negative emotions =1/4

Day Two

This day I experienced extremely positive emotions throughout the day. I had some causes for these emotions since morning till the day ended. In the morning at the bus stop, I had had the best luck of the day. I was afraid that I might get to work late due to traffic. However, upon arrival at the bus stop, one of the company’s drivers recognized me and offered me a free ride to the workplace. Upon arrival at the workplace, I found that my promotion request had been approved and I would be tasked to start my new responsibilities at the organization three days after. It was a moment of happiness as my colleagues congratulated me for this. I was so happy that I did not face any challenges during my day’s work and I received appreciation from my boss upon submission of the work. I, therefore, had nothing to complain about for the whole of the day. The ratings for the day: positive emotions = 4/4 - Negative emotions = 0/4

Day Three

During my third day, I experienced a mixture of emotions. My boss came to work in a very somber mood which he unleashed on me. He could not locate a report I had submitted the previous day and ordered me to redo it. It was the hardest day for me as I had given all my best on the report I had done the previous day. It was a hard task for me to redo the report since I could not remember everything I had put on the other report. The worst of it all came when he summoned me to the office and declared that the report had errors that needed to be corrected. I had no option but to go through it again changing almost everything. I can say that it was my hardest day at the workplace. However, everything changed towards the end of the day. The general manager summoned me to his office and handed me a letter. The letter was from a consulting firm where I had attended a one-week seminar on strategic management. I had been offered a position at one of the leading managerial organizations in the city. The good thing was that the general manager was prepared to let me go with a good recommendation letter. I was to write my acceptance confirmation of the offer and state the day I wished to start off. Ratings for the day: positive emotions = 2/4 - Negative emotions = 2/4

Fourth Day

During this day, I experienced both positive and negative emotions. The positive emotions were because we had gone out for a picnic and fun. The morning was a happy one as we prepared for the outing. We had a lot of fun and anticipation for the day. Upon arrival at the park, where we had decided to go, I learned that my best uncle was coming along as well as our best family friend. The negative emotions came when the awaited uncle and family friend did not turn up. Later, we learned that our family friend had been arrested because he had forgotten his driving license and therefore was driving without it, which took almost the whole day sorting things out with the police. My uncle, on the other hand, had collapsed after preparing for the day and rushed to the hospital where he got admitted immediately. Therefore, our day ended up being consumed by running from the hospital to the police station in helping. I would, therefore, say that the day had been ruined and I was sad about it. Ratings for the day: positive emotions: 3/4, negative emotions: 3/4

April 19, 2023

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