Using strength to catalyse motivation

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Optimism, resilience, hope, and confidence make up Psychology Capital (psycap), a potent combination of these four traits. As an individual, you should be able to overcome obstacles and setbacks and keep moving forward in order to succeed. You should also have faith in your ability to persevere when it is necessary to change course in order to achieve the anticipated results. You should also be confident in your ability to put forth the necessary effort required to complete the desired tasks and optimistic about your ability to produce the best results in the future (Kim, 2013).


PsyCap levels between 9 and 14 were deemed to be moderate, whilst PsyCap. Most of the scores revealed my real character. I scored 18 points in Efficacy and 17 points in Hope. I also agree with the second results. I have the desired ability to produce top results for both, my family, self, and friends. At my workplace, I am highly efficient; I always complete my assignments right in time and with the accuracy it deserves.

I scored highly in Optimistic and Resilience where my score was 13 points. I am an individual who does not allow the negative part of life overshadow me. I always believe that in life you must bounce back from the difficult situation and look at an amicable solution as soon as possible.

How to advance in career

I am an individual who takes control of my life by converting all the emerging weaknesses into strength. I also have some leadership attributes that play a central in our organization. When I rise to the management position will use the strength to inspire my team to attain the best possible results. One of my weakness is giving up very fast a fact that denies me the opportunity of meeting results especially when things are tough. I plan to convert this weakness into a strength by managing the inevitable emotions that make me give up. My strength has in the past given me a competitive advantage over my colleagues making me rise very fast in our organizational ranks.

Goal Setting

Goals setting can be used to improve motivation in some ways. If individual goals that are achievable, then the primary motive of the daily struggle will be to achieve these goals which are a form of motivation. For instance, I wanted to when I wanted to be promoted at my workplace I had to work harder than everyone else. My primary goal was to advance in my career, and that is the reason why I had to find ways of increasing organizational output. At my workplace, the situation is not so different all my motivated are motivated by the rewards that are both negative and positive.

How Behavior influences job Satisfaction

According to motivational –hygienic theory, people are influenced by two factors: the basic factor that influences job satisfaction and those that impact on motivation. Simply being satisfied doesn’t make an employee to be motivated. Additionally, an employee can feel satisfied with a given job yet not motivated. For instance, an employee might feel quite happy with a particular post but think they can receive better salaries in other companies or worry too much about the job security; they will not perform well.

Theories of Motivation

Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation entails engaging in a particular form of behavior because it is more rewarding. This involves engaging in a given activity, not for the sake of it rather to the personal desires. Example of such kind of motivation I real life situation includes playing a computer game simply because we find it so to be quite exciting and interesting, solving a particular word puzzle because we consider it to be exciting and at the same time fun, participating in a given sporting event because the activity, in particular, is interesting. In each d these mentioned activities the internal desire is what drive people to participate in them.

McGregor's Theory Y and Theory X

This theory was formulated by McGregor who came up with two contrasting sets of expectation about people. Theory x assumes that workers do not like working and naturally unmotivated. The theory, therefore, suggests an authoritarian style of management. According to theory x, the administration must always intercede to make workers perform done. Theory x tends to be top heavy with the supervisors and managers that are required at every organizational step to control employees (Tso, Au & Hsiao, 2014).

Extrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic motivation occurs because people are inspired to engage in an activity or perform a behavior in an activity to earn to the reward that is stipulated (SCHULTZ, 2013). Examples from the usual day to day life include a student who studies for examination to avoid getting a fail. In this action, one is motivated by the outcome which is the reward. Personally, I feel that this form of motivation should be avoided in circumstances where in people already find a given activity to be intrinsically rewarding.

Self-Determination Theory

Self-determination is the theory of personality or human motivation that addresses three universal, psychological needs, and inmates: psychological relatedness and competence autonomy (Tso, Au & Hsiao, 2014). The self-deterministic theory has played a core role in improving employee performance in various institutions. Employees in organizations that apply it feel they are part and parcel of the institutions. Employee feel they are qualified to do the tasks given to them; they also have the freedom to work best for the organization. If I was the one in those particular, I could feel like the boss and could do my best.

Acquired Needs Theory

David McClelland initiated this theory. The argument noted that workers behavior is driven by three things affiliation, power, and achievement. The desire to excel, outshine rivals and solve problems, the need for performance to overcome hurdles and the needs to be loved, to maintain social connection and join groups (Tso, Au & Hsiao, 2014). An individual who tends to possess these powers vary, and in commonly one need may dominate the other. According to this theory, persons need can be classified into three categories power, affiliation, and achievement, the needs are determined by the experience that a particular person has.


Everyone has a set of unique attribute and characteristics. Because of support and some level of motivation, then people have the ability to exceed their maximum potential. There are numerous ways managers can use to make sure that employees portray their real potential, what they need to do is to figure out the best method that suits their staff.


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February 01, 2023

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