Vietnam War

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If you are here at this forum tonight, it means that you still believe in me. You are here at your own time because you still care for this great nation, and you want to make sure that we all do. You want to make sure that I am still the person I was four years ago, who cares for this nation and the people in it and that is you. You want to make sure that I always bring real solutions with me to the big office, and not just wounds and bandages. Well, I am not going to spend or waste more of your time. My main focus today is to discuss the real facts of the Vietnam war.

The country is advancing because of you. It is moving because you as the loving citizens of this nation have reaffirmed over and depression. Your spirit is lifting this country to a greater height of hope and believes that our great nation will remain standing as it passes through this trying times. Each here may pursue their dreams, but we are the great American family, and when we rise we do it together and when we fall, we do it together, as one big nation and as a single unit. I believe that in the face of politics that has divided us, we can be one people, who have a single goal and reaching for what seemed like an impossibility, building a peaceful and perfect nation, where each person can leave freely without any fear. 

In this election period, you as a nation have reminded me that our journey has been hard, and it is still hard, but we are picking ourselves up, we are fighting for what we want, and that is peace. We have realized that the best of the whole American country is yet to come, but we have to act now. It is humbling to be a part in building this nation just like our forefathers and our heroes of the past.

I was born in this great nation, and so I am a native. I have the interest of the country at heart, and I believe that in the face of war there can be peace. War is a necessary evil; this is a ubiquitous phrase that we hear in our workplace and even homes. When I became president, after the assignation of the legendary former President Kennedy, I made the Vietnam War my own. I had to sue all the necessary tools at my disposals, and this included the manipulating the war propaganda and media to get Congress to help me fight the war. I am determined to prevent North Vietnam Communist from taking over the government off South Vietnam and to achieving success in Southeast Asia. I believe in the 'Domino Theory,' (Baldwin, 670) and I still believe in the theory as I have said before we are victims of aggression.

As my good brother, Richard Nixon claims that we the American people are a do-it-yourself people, meaning that we like to do it ourselves. I believe that taking part in the war is a sure way of ending it. As I have already stated that it is my mission as it was that of the former president Kennedy to secure peace in the Vietnam region. I have already started negotiating some talks with the leaders of the area so that we may begin to construct a peaceful agreement. The peace talks are still ongoing, and thus I will not go into details on the aspects that contribute to it.

At the start of my presidency, I made a promise to uphold the integrity of the nation, and by finding other amicable methods is highly essential in my strategy. In the past four years, we have made a lot of changes in the tactics that we are dealing with, at the beginning our focus was on increasing the number of troops mostly the US marines. I had to implement that various initiative that was already in place, particularly in the in the economic policy field and the civil rights. However, after further analysis with my administration, it was clear that this strategy was not working and that is why we had to change our perspective.

Change is highly significant in the aspect of life. I think that each one of you at one point in life has had to make a lot of changes that will later become highly beneficial in life. I too believe in such changes. In our attempt to bring change and peace in Vietnam, we included a more aggressive directive in our struggles (Kaiser 23). With the number of soldiers that we lost in the war, during this period, it was time to create a change. Losing a loved one is saddening, and I do not wish that for any family whatsoever, however, I salute all the soldiers that we have lost in pursuit for peace of our country and that of our neighbor. Together with the Congress, it was decided to change the strategy to reduce any additional loss of life while still aiming for the peace. In the middle of my previous term we had to deal with Dominican Crisis and while the issue of the Vietnam War was not forgotten the matter of the crisis was our primary focus.

After this history of our past struggles, we are putting the issue of the war back to our primary focus. Every day that the war continues American lives are in danger, and that is why this is a cry to all the stakeholders to prepare themselves for a very long and laborious process of negotiations. I still believe that there is a need for drastic expansion of the American commitment, as this will enable my administration to be able to gain further counsel from the outside sources on the matter of the Vietnam War (Brigham, 2006). I have sought counsel on the subject before in my previous administration, and thus I believe that every person has a voice and should be put into consideration. Democracy is a precious currency in our great nation, as every person has the chance to speak.

With the perfect strategy that my previous administration has set into place, I believe that we will be able to win this war at a greater length. At the moment, the concept may seem bleak, but I believe that there is no gain without pain. I have to put my fear aside and make sure that I serve the people of America in the best of my ability without losing the concept of humanity.

I have visited the Vietnam region in the past two years, and I have experienced what the people in the area are passing through. There is a need for peace in the region so that we may all develop to become better and also reduce retaliation from our adversary (Anderson, 529). Although we are still in the early stage of negotiation, it is still important to put in mind that America will always come first in taking care of its people. This concept is the only driving force in my agenda of talking with the leaders of the other countries and the neighboring states of Vietnam. It in agreement that we can all come up with an amicable way of settling the issue without further bloodshed. It was in this region of war that I have seen the United States stand together and a nation, and I wish to think that even in peace it will also be a possibility.

Some concept of the Vietnam War may not be agreeable with all the stakeholders and my fellow leaders and politicians, but I believe with my specific goal of finding peace amidst war. Any leader in this great country have to agree that not every great person will be able to agree with your ideology, however, if we all as the leaders of this nation, and leave our differences and have similar goals then it is a surety that we will be able to deal with the Vietnam war with efficiently and quickly.

The genius of our fathers of the past is that they designed a system of government that strives well in change. We have changed this country before to the better, and I believe even the war strategy will experience a lot of changes. There is a need of stressing that the main aim of any negotiation is finding peaceful co-existence, and even becoming allies. But this fact does not mean that all our troops who are already in the region and have established success will retreat. There is still need for our efficient and courageous soldiers to be in the area. In the face of tyranny, there was a band of patriots who were able to bring a whole empire to its knees. In the face any form of depression, we as a country have placed people back to their workplace and brought people back from poverty. In the face of any secession, we could bring unity to the nation and even set many of the captives free. We have received refugees to our shores, and we have let justice rule our nation; thus we will be able to deal with the matter of war in Vietnam.

We have had our doubts, many setbacks, and defeats, but if we have the will and when we stand by our words, we will be able to move this nation forward and help free those who have been held in captivity. We have been called as a nation to do what is needed to be done for our generation and for the generation to come. We as a nation are not afraid to continue with war, but for the sake of those who are collateral damage like the children, there is a need for a change in the system. We become as one nation no longer divide by class, or any other aspect that is set before us then, we will be able to rally against the inhumane activities that are happening not only in this country but all around the world, specifically Vietnam.

I call upon every person, no matter the race, or the gender, from every walk of life, to continue fighting for freedom even after attaining our independence years back. Freedom comes in various ways, and in multiple forms, having a clean conscience is one of them. Taking part in the Vietnam War is another way of making sure that we become free of our burden of seeing people being injured and also experiencing the after effect of war (Mausbach, 564). We have a chance as a nation to bring the change that has been the talk of the country for years. We have made some progress already. I am very proud to be able to lead in the fight for peace and also in creating policies that will bring change. I will be delighted if I am voted back into the government so that I may be able to carry more critical changes.

Let us be the generation that preaches peace and also lives in peace not only with ourselves but also with the community that surrounds us. Having peace will improve our economy tremendously and create a chance to compete with other states in this age. The changes in the country’s economy ensure that every person is experiencing the prosperity of the nation. Ending the war will bring security to the people mostly those who hard-earned money and are hard working so that they may be able to save for their retirement plan.

Let's be a nation that will be able to confront terrorism and conflict with everything that we have. Let us today grieve for all the lives that we have lost, the families that lost their loved ones, the hearts that were broken, and the young life that was destroyed and would have been. Most of the people think that the war from the start was a tragic mistake, but it is not. I believe that the young generation can be able to learn and never forget what has already happened and the impacts it has on our lives.

Finally, if we succeed in ending the war, then the lives of our young generation will be safe. Nevertheless, there is some aspect of this war that is not too late to get right, and that is the repatriation of our troops back home, and all those who have sacrificed the most in this war. Let us honor such a sacrifice by providing the necessary support that is needed to end the war, even if it is just prayers. Let us be the people who will begin the end of it.

I realize that there are people who do not believe in all these essential things. I can relate with the skepticism, because after every term, each politician, comes and makes similar promises each time. This fact is why I have made this campaign not only about me and my agenda, but I am making it about us and what we all believe in. If we are a divide, as a nation, then we can most likely fail, but if we become united then, it is possible we will make create peace at this period of war.

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November 13, 2023

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