Voting significance in Election process

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One approach for citizens to influence governmental decision-making is through voting. The choice of a candidate to represent them or the resolution of a matter that either directly or indirectly affects them is a manifestation of the will of the people. The right to vote is extremely important, and it is the duty of the government to make sure that every citizen has the chance to participate in the electoral process. Voting rights are universal and egalitarian. It follows that everyone who is of voting age has the right to do so, regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity, or social class. The right to vote is significant because the government will have approval directly from the citizens and this means that the representatives of the government are people chosen. The citizens are likely to respect the people in power whom they expressed their right in voting for. It is under no circumstance that the people will reject or oppose the government they voted for. Additionally, the government is not likely to act arbitrary and despotic because if they do so they will not be elected in the second term.

From the reading, I was surprised at how civil and human injustices were illegally sanctioned and even enabled. First, according to the reading, the laws and constitution were designed to create and maintain privileges to only the wealthy white men. This was very unfair because the rest of the people did not enjoy the rights in the constitution nor in the law. The right to vote was not granted to every citizen in the United States but it was granted to wealthy white men who owned a lot of property. The women and Negro slaves were not allowed to vote nor pursue happiness as the ones who owned property.

It is very surprising that most people were being used as slaves by the European colonies. At first, they used the American Indians but after failing to produce the results they expected, they started importing slaves from Europe who was poor white men and women worked for them for some time before they were freed. Later they turned to the Africans who worked for them as slaves and they had no single right. It is painful to see how women were being tortured to work while pregnant. The European settlers took the land of the 2.5 million native Americans divided them into groups and branded them inferior. This was the highest order of injustice.

People who were born in the United States were denied the citizenship. The question was, where will these people go? The case of Dred Scot who argued that he was United States citizen because he was born there, the court determined that he was not the United States citizen because the Negro slaves were not considered as the American citizens.

In summary, there were a number of human and civil injustices that were sanctioned among the poor men and women. Denying others right to vote, using others as slaves and denying people who were born in America the right to citizenship were among the injustices that were committed. So, we can conclude that universal suffrage is the value and principle which appeared as a result of numerous mistakes and efforts.

March 23, 2023

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