Wedding in White

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Wedding in White

Released in 1972, Wedding in White by William Fruet is undoubtedly one of the most understandable and enjoyable films produced in Canada. The protagonists of the film are a working-class Canadian family and their sixteen-year-old daughter, who is duped by her brother's army comrade. Being intimate with a man is against social norms, therefore Jeanine gets into problems for it. She is therefore viewed as a whore. As a result of his embarrassment, her father chooses to wed Sandy, his drunken best friend who is 60 years old, to his daughter.

The patriarchal society in the film

The patriarchal society in the film disturbs the spectator despite the outstanding acting and dramatics. Girls are unable to pick who they love. Jeanine's father, Donald Pleasence arranges a wedding she does not want to go through. Perhaps, it can also be seen as evil to marry such a young girl to a sixty-year-old man. There is a strange innuendo in her reaction to her brother's gift. She does not react, probably failing to understand this peculiar gesture.

My American Cousin

My American Cousin by Sandy Wilson of 1985 is about young Sandy Wilcox clamor for adventure and acknowledgment in light of her growth. Her cousin, Buch becomes her center in America, whereby he introduces her to rock music. She inadvertently falls for him, which changes when he steals her mother's car. However, her awakening lives.

Changes in Canadian movie industry

According to Melnyk, the seventies ushered in a new era in Canadian movie industry. In the Escapist Seventies, he attributes this growth in English-Canadian movie production to culture. The sociocultural part of the film industry in Canada considerably changed as seen in the productions made in the seventies. Movie producers increased the scope of their filming to include contemporary living styles, as well as culture. There arose more openness and tolerance.

The development of Canadian movie history

The Canadian movie history is almost vague and uneventful. Most evidence is based on statistics and guesswork. However, changes in cultural aspects are more to thank for the development. The filming too has played its part with producers focusing on a wide variety of issues.

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