What I Learnt About Myself

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Personality Test Results

I received a 70 percentile for openness to experience and intellect after taking the Big Five Project Personality Test. According to the interpretation, the result indicated that I am relatively receptive to new experiences. This is true because I am currently enrolled in a piano class after becoming intrigued by a live band on stage. However, I would have set a higher standard because I am constantly looking forward to new experiences and get enthusiastic when undertaking experiments.

Conscientiousness and Extraversion

The interpretive study of conscientiousness revealed that I am highly organized and dependable. My extraversion score was the highest, at 91 percent. I agree with the analysis that I am extremely outgoing, social, and energetic. I am extremely active in social circles and love entertaining family and friends.

Agreeableness and Neuroticism

Under agreeableness, I realize that I am neither forgiving nor irritable because I tend to analyze situations for long before deciding whether it is worth forgiving. This trait has enabled me to be more patient with people because forgiving is sometimes difficult. Under neuroticism, I scored a 27 percentile meaning that I am relaxed. The results from the MBTI test indicated that I am an extrovert and I use more of my intuition than sense. When making decisions, I prefer thinking over issues than judging from feelings. Also, I have zero preference of judging over perception.


Some of the scores were a surprise, for example, conscientiousness that indicated I am reliable and well organized. Under reliability, most of my friends look up to me to finish their tasks. Therefore, I agree I am reliable. However, I have always looked for ways to organize my desk, schedules, and deadline a habit that has made me believe I am disorganized and need help with organization tools. Also, under neuroticism, the score indicated that I am relaxed. This was a surprise since I tend to be nervous especially when undertaking new experiences. In most instances, I tend to influence the outcome of a situation because I take disappointments negatively. Where I have no control, I am extremely nervous and I take long periods to adjust to results. Due to this trait, I also thought the results would indicate I make judgments from feelings rather than reason as indicated in the MBTI test.

Outcome of Conversations with Others

I discussed the results with my best friend and my cousin who agreed and disagreed with some of the results. They both agreed that I am a sociable person and when analyzing my best moments, they were all in social places. My cousin also noted that I tend to dominate and influence conversations which support the result of being extrovert. However, under conscientiousness and agreeableness, they both had differing views. They were both of the opinion that my organized nature is mainly supported due to the many papers and diaries I carry around. Without the help of these tools, I would be more disorganized; therefore, this trait is due to support of external factors and elements. They both had differing views with agreeable nature; my cousin thought I tend to be unforgiving and irritable under certain circumstances while my best friend though I am extremely forgiving. This probably arose because we have had different experiences with both of them at dissimilar times.

How to Use the Tools to Improve Interactions with Others

After evaluating and discussing the tests with the two people who I believe provided genuine interpretations, there are various ways that I can improve my interactions with others. First, I can use my openness to help others who find difficult in specific areas. For example, when taking physical challenges during school holidays, I can help others improve on their psyche and encourage them to create interest in activities. I believe teamwork is important when accomplishing tasks. My extrovert nature, according to analysis, can be used positively or negatively. The fact that I shed to overshadow conversations means that in some situations, people can feel that I do not put their opinions into perspectives. Therefore, I can use this trait as a leader especially when working in a team.

Second, I can use my personality traits to intervene when people have conflicts. This is because I use reason to make decisions rather than feelings. In some situations, especially when one is under pressure, people tend to make judgments depending on their feelings. In such situations, I can use my trait to help them make rational judgments. Finally, the results and analysis from friends indicate that I can make improvements in my agreeable nature. It is important that one becomes forgiving and patient with others since at one point one may also require their forgiveness.

April 19, 2023

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