What is a Mystery Shopper?

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The term "Mystery Shopper" refers to a type of mystery shopper hired by companies for the purpose of measuring the quality of products, services, sales, and job performance. This technique is used to identify problems within a company's operations, as well as to determine how well it performs in its industry. It also offers specific information on competitors and the market.

Companies that hire mystery shoppers

Companies that hire mystery shoppers are looking for individuals who have a good memory and can evaluate a product or service objectively. Mystery shoppers must be able to meet deadlines. Some mystery shopping companies provide training so that their employees can perform their duties effectively. Some companies also provide paid overnight stays for mystery shoppers.

Intellishop and BestMark are two companies that hire mystery shoppers. The companies have job listings that include descriptions of assignments and compensation. If you are interested in completing assignments while on the go, the companies also offer an app called Eyes.On that allows mystery shoppers to complete assignments on their mobile devices. The companies typically pay through direct deposit, with the money coming out every month on the 15th.

Some mystery shopping companies advertise their jobs on free classifieds websites. To apply for these jobs, you must be 18 years old, although some companies require you to be 21 or older. You must also have your own transportation. Mystery shoppers must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as well as attention to detail. You must be able to perform your duties in a discreet, neutral, and independent manner.

While mystery shopping doesn't require any specific education, it does require a great memory, good communication skills, and a knack for observing people. Occasionally, mystery shoppers receive training from mystery shopping companies, although it is not necessary. In addition to good communication skills, mystery shoppers may be asked to fill out questionnaires and attend events to evaluate the services provided by a particular company.


As a mystery shopper, you will receive a guaranteed minimum wage. Many shops will pay you overtime as well, and you may be entitled to health insurance and unemployment benefits. In addition, you will receive workers' compensation benefits. You will also receive compensation for any training you may have to complete before becoming a mystery shopper.

To sign up for a mystery shopping job, go to a website such as Market Force. This website lists mystery shopping gigs in your area, their requirements, and the pay. Many mystery shopping jobs require you to be at least 18 years old. Some may require you to be older, so check with the company before committing to any job.

Another way to earn extra cash as a mystery shopper is by using an app. Some mystery shopping companies have an app that allows you to find jobs in your area. These jobs typically take between 10 minutes to an hour to complete, and you will receive payment within 72 hours. However, these apps have only been around for a few years.

In order to qualify for a mystery shopping job, you should have a strong memory and good communication skills. You should take notes when you leave a store, and you should make sure you fill out your notes on your mobile device. The more detailed you are, the more valuable your work will be, and you will be likely to get more work.

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