‘What is Revolution?'

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From Adams Smith's article, the question "What is Revolution?" is answered with several interpretations based on the social, political, and economic perspectives. The phrase, however, refers to quick transformation. There are three statements written by various authors that express their points of view in the appropriate ways.

According to Adams' article, the same revolution did indeed occur and was followed by bloodshed, unfavorable change, and ruin. The Declaration of Independence's assertion that the King of Great Britain mistreated his subjects by depriving them of many liberties supports the latter. He purposefully called legislative bodies at odd times, for instance, to force them to accept his authoritarian regulations. Additionally, he frequently disbanded representative houses. The above revolutions made his subjects uncomfortable.

Moreover, Olympe De Gouges was executed by the guillotine when she tried to bring along the rights of women. At her period, women were oppressed and made subjects and slaves of their masters. She argued that women be given the right to vote, the national assembly for them and access to education. Olympe De Gouges related humans with other animals and plants that have sexes on their coordination. It was clear that only the human female was oppressed. Hence her revolutionary ideas led to her death.

The declaration of rights of man that was approved by the National Assembly of France. The article argued that most public natural calamities are caused by neglect of the human rights. Hence, the law is the expression of the general will. That is, every citizen has the right to participate in person or even by use of a representative. All the citizens must be treated equally by the law.

The Declaration of the Rights of a Woman contains the articles that that speak of the world I know right now. Women have been neglected and taken as subjects of the males. Some communities and religions still look down upon them. For example, the Muslim faith doesn't allow women to go to the mosques to pray. It is because they are believed to be unclean before Allah. Some of the rights that have been featured in the articles under the declaration include; the woman is born free and lives equal to man and her powers, once declared guilty complete rigor is observed and right to mount rostrum and scaffold.

According to the book The Worldly Philosophers, Adam Smith played the first right tableau of modern society making most Europeans not to follow the America's political leaders. Hence the vision that he had later became the prescription of several generations. The doctoral holder was well-known, and students traveled all over to listen to his enthusiastic discourse. Dir. Smith taught on the morals of philosophy which covered ethics, political economy and natural theology.

When Adams Smith published his book The Theory of Moral Sentiments, he could get in the forefront in consideration with other English philosophers. Hence the book contained the theory that questioned, ‘How it happens that man, who is thought to be a creature of self-interest can create moral judgments in which the interests that favor him are the most considered?' The whole theory was a summation of moral approbation and disapproval. He argued that the response lay in the human ability to put himself in the third party and then form a sympathetic notion to the objected.

Moreover, the book could attract several philosophers and learners. He was helped by his great friend Townshend who was endowed with talent. He helped the Exchequer Chancellor to precipitate the American Revolution by joining the colonists’ right to vote own judges and imposing the heavy duty to the American tea. It led to being a sincere student of philosophy and politics in accordance to his lecturer Adams Smith.

Hence, Adams Smith confirms what has been written about citizens' rights and woman. The writes should not be placed to oppress its subjects but make them also to feel superior in the society. Lastly, women should even be considered in every rule that is out on the plane. In that, the rights should favour both genders.


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April 13, 2023
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