A Brief Vladimir Nabokov Biography

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Vladimir Nabokov was born in the Soviet Union and fled to Paris, France, at a young age. In 1940, he fled from Paris to the United States. After several years, he returned to the Soviet Union, but remained in hiding until his life changed drastically.

Vladimir Nabokov

A brief Vladimir Nabokov biography can begin in 1916, when a young writer publishes his first collection of poetry, "Poems." In the fall of that year, his teacher, Vladimir Gippius, publicly criticized his early work. Gippius counseled the student to abandon the high arts and pursue the world of literature. However, Lodi ignored his teacher's advice and forged ahead with his literary career.

In 1922, Nabokov became engaged to the chubby daughter of a farmer. Their engagement broke up early because her parents were worried that he wouldn't be able to provide for them. In 1925, Nabokov married Vera Solonim, a woman who became his literary guardian. Vera Solonim translated his novel "Pale Fire" after his death. The writer was known for his creative spirit and his love for butterflies. After his marriage to Vera in 1925, Nabokov's only child was born, Dmitri.

His childhood nickname

Vladimir Nabokov was a Russian novelist whose childhood nickname was "Lodi". He rewrote everything into English and pronounced the word "breakfast" as "pobrekfastit." He spent his childhood studying at home before entering the Tenishev School in 1923. His classmates included poet Osip Mandelstam, novelist Nikolai Stanyukovich, and publicist Oleg Volkov.

A well-educated Nabokov was born in St. Petersburg to a well-off family. His father was a lawyer, journalist, and liberal politician. He learned to speak English before learning Russian. His father, a socialist, emigrant, and liberal politician, had a great love for the language. When he was just five years old, his father encouraged him to learn the language. His parents taught him French and English. They eventually left Russia and settled in England, where he learned to speak the language.

His family

Although there are no specific details about Nabokov's family, we do know a little about his wife Vera. She was his muse for fifty years, his typist, his chauffeur, and his chess partner. She also shared his love for creativity and butterflies. In addition to being his muse, Vera was also his translator and typist, and she had memorized entire passages from his books.

Vladimir Nabokov was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, to aristocratic parents. His grandfather, Vladimir Dmitrievich Nabokov, was a minister of the Czar and his father, Elena Ivanovna Nabokov, was an aristocratic and liberal politician. His father was a friend of Sergei Diaghilev and his mother was the daughter of the richest goldmine owner.

His career

Following the death of his father, Vladimir Nabokov's family sought exile in western Europe. Nabokov enrolled in Trinity College in Cambridge, UK and studied Slavic and Romance languages. After his father's death, he feared he would fail the second part of the Tripos exam. Ultimately, he received a second-class grade and was awarded a BA in 1922.

Though he was born in Russia, Nabokov also worked as a poet, translator, and entomologist. He wrote his first nine novels in Russian and gained international recognition in the United States. He became an American citizen in 1945 and returned to Europe in 1961. His writing is acclaimed for its unique style. It has been called "one of the most original works of twentieth-century literature."

His first novel

The Name of the Rose is the first novel by Russian author Vladimir Nabokov, published in 1938. The plot revolves around a young emigrant named Ganin and his love interest, Mary. In this story, Ganin remembers his first love, Mary's husband, Alfyorov. In his new life, Ganin must balance his old traditions with those of his new surroundings in a seedy boardinghouse. Though he misses the greenery, romantic atmosphere and long walks, he must deal with the rigor of German culture to maintain his love for Mary.

Born in St. Petersburg, Nabokov is a multilingual man who studied Slavic, Latin, and English at Trinity College, Cambridge. After graduating, Nabokov lived in Berlin with his parents and published an emigrant newspaper in the city. He was the son of a renowned lawyer, Vladimir Dmitrievich Nabokov. In 1917, his father became a prominent member of the provisional government of Russia. Nabokov and his family fled to the Crimea and then to England, where he took up an English language course. His wife, Vera Evseyevna Slonim, also fled to England and was born there.

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