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Concerning the issue of quality expenses

These are the costs of quality sustained as quality is obtained in the manufacture of tangible products. Primarily, there are three underlying production costs that are encountered during processing when attempting to meet quality requirements in order to sustain the target market. There are three types of costs: preclusion costs, appraisal costs, and let-down costs.
Inspection costs are expenditures incurred during the labeling period for goods imported prior to shipment to the consumer market. It is inclusive of all the processes or activities performed to ensure that maintenance of standards of quality (“quality costs - prevention, appraisal, internal and external failure costs,” 2016). It is a process that is overseen by a team of inspectors thus, cumulatively entail costs on testing, equipment, laboratories and quality audits as well as the team of investigators. For example, an appraisal price includes verification costs that require an evaluation of each of the process a product undergoes during manufacturing as well as the end product against standards specifications.

Prevention Costs

The cost experienced when avoiding or prevention quality problems. Typically, prevention costs include design, maintenance, and implementation. As such, planning occurs before any production process commences. They include product requirements based on established acceptable standards, quality forecasting, quality assurance. Their primary objective is to minimize the number of defects incurred while manufacturing a product. For instance, prevention costs entail the training of workers in development, preparation and maintenance procedures required before and during as well as after manufacturing (“Cost Of Quality (COQ) - ASQ,” n.d.).

Failure Costs

These are expenses incurred either before shipping or during shipping of an end product. Therefore, categorization of failure costs includes in-house and external failure costs. Internal let-down outlays which include reworking labor and overhead or rejected products such as scrap that were processed during production and down time caused by quality problems. On the other hand, external costs are defective products earned during shipping. For example, products can be damaged under goodwill reducing sales and profits as well as being rejected by the customer. Additionally, the lost sales incurred during shipping based on a reputation of poor quality and product recalls (“Cost Of Quality (COQ) - ASQ,” n.d.).

Trade-offs in Manufacturing based on Quality Costs

One possible process in eliminating costs is in the use of an appraisal system where the company opts to discover and correct defects in products at the beginning rather than later. It entails the combination of prevention and evaluation procedures at the instance when external costs of prevention are equivalent to marginal failure costs (“Quality Costs Trade-off,” n.d.). The idea for this is to minimize costs since repairing defective units is cheaper than making a whole new product all over again. As such, it requires an evaluation of the three costs through a cost analysis to determine quality cost minimization. It will require the company to evaluate alternatively what failure cost is acceptable and which is not. In this case, a high defect rate for the company will be expensive based on failure costs and result in low sales and small profits (“Quality Costs Trade-off,” n.d.). Therefore, internal failure costs are more acceptable compared to external failure costs. Thus, the combination of appraisal and preventative costs to minimize on failure costs to realize profits.


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