About alcohol abuse

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Alcohol addiction causes dependency, through which a person becomes psychologically or physically dependent, a condition known as alcoholism. Alcoholism is one of the drug tales I've heard about on the Alcoholics Anonymous website about a woman named Annie from London. Annie's first drink caused a blackout that led to addiction. Alcohol removed her shyness and paralyzed her self-consciousness (“Members' Stories: Annie.”). Furthermore, alcohol gave her a peaceful and warm feeling that allowed her to do everything, including screaming in the street, dancing at parties, hitchhiking, singing on buses, and talking to strangers. Annie went to Spain for six months during her university days where she was admitted to the hospital due to alcohol poisoning.

When Ann returned back to England, she was married to a heavy drinker with whom she drank and had two children. Since she had become a mother, Annie stopped drinking while partying and started secretly drinking by hiding bottles and stealing money for alcohol (“Members' Stories: Annie.”). Due to her addiction, Annie divorced her first husband and got married to a man who drunk like her. Life was becoming harder due to the responsibilities such as taking children to school and doing house chores. Despite being a mother, Annie kept on drinking to the extent of children in the street shouting at her which made her furious. She tried to talk to psychologists and counselors, but all had no outcomes since she kept blaming her husband, mother, and childhood. However, she had a neighbor who brought food and money for her children and advised her to do something to save her life and her children. Annie called the Alcoholic Anonymous where she got a surprise visit from two members who had the same problem. Through several classes, Annie managed to end alcohol addiction and even got a job. Her life has changed and she is not ashamed of her past.

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“Members' Stories: Annie.” Alcoholics Anonymous (Great Britain) Ltd, http://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk/About-AA/Newcomers/Members'-Stories/Annie's-Story. Accessed 22 February 2017.

November 03, 2022

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