About James Comey's Firing

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Jennifer Rubin’s Perspective on James Comey’s Firing

Jennifer Rubin examines the circumstances surrounding James Comey's firing as FBI director in the essay Comey may have gotten his man. She claimed that the president was tampering with the FBI and that he had asked Comey to halt looking into some of his cronies.

Opinion Towards President Trump's Personality

Rubin claims that the FBI director was fired after rejecting President Donald Trump's proposal. Despite the fact that the author of the piece is discussing issues of national importance, it is clear from the tone that she has already formed an opinion about President Trump's personality.

Allegations Against President Trump

If there was any conspiracy that President Trump wanted Comey to execute then, it could only be fair when the president is judged after the public hears his side of the story. Apparently, in this article Rubin is certain that Trump committed the alleged offense. The heading of the article Comey may have gotten his man (Rubin) suggests that Rubin seems to be operating from the side of the FBI director.

Public Perception of President Trump

One of the things that readers of this article should recognize is that the current president is unpopular because he came to power through the minority votes. As such, the president is likely to receive criticism whenever a chance surfaces as it has done. According to the appeal to the popular, there is the bandwagon perspective where people tend to feel that when everyone is thinking in a particular manner, then that is the right thing (Mayfield 307).

Rubin's Opinion and Labeling of President Trump

It is usual that Rubin's article would have been unpopular if she did not write the way the American population feels towards the whole issue of President Trump. In her article, Rubin uses words such as "sheer stupidity of Trump" (Rubin). The indication here is that the writer of the article has already made her mind that Trump is in the wrong even when the White House has not released any communication.

The Media's Perception of President Trump

The diction of this editorial seems that Rubin has already predetermined perception against the president. Although Comey's statements could be true, the American media has already judged Trump. Apparently, Trump has a history of issuing statements that depict him as an irrational person. Considerably, very few people will defend Trump over careless remarks. However, it seems the media is using the equivocation fallacy.

Fairness in Journalism

Mayfield indicates that under this type of thinking, when a particular trait is associated with you in the right manner the same trait can still be associated with you next time; even when you have not committed an act that warrants that trait (Mayfield 306). Considering that Trump is a reckless speaker, the media does not have the time to wait for the communication or to hear Trump's side of the story.

Biased Perspective in Rubin's Article

Primarily, Rubin is using fallacies to communicate her message concerning the issue between Comey and President Trump. In any communication, facts from both sides are important to ensure that the editorial is balanced. Rubin's article appears to be vindicating Comey when Trump is yet to give his story. What Rubin uses is the fact that Trump is unpopular and the public may have a negative perception, and therefore the article appeals to the needs of the American majority rather than disseminating information that addresses the issue at hand. Further, Rubin knows that Trump has the label of being an irrational speaker and therefore it could be justifiable if she sacrifices him even before actual evidence is out.

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March 02, 2023


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