Age discrimination at work

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Age Discrimination and its Consequences

Age discrimination is an illegal behavior that can lead to a hostile work environment, low morale, poor performance, and even lawsuits. Because of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, an employee who believes they have been discriminated against may pursue the matter through legal channels, which may cost the organization money as well as its reputation (Dawn, 2017). Companies should assess their employment and screening practices to correct any bias that may exist, such as arbitrary age limitations, in order to avoid lawsuits. Human resource personnel should also receive preventive training to enable them to spot discriminatory behaviors before they occur. There should be a well-designed retirement policy with adequate benefits which would prepare old employees for a well-compensated retirement (Susan, 2017). HR managers should also avoid laying off staff on account of their age and should focus on productivity and of the employees.

Question 2

Life expectancies and retirement ages have become higher, and managers have to deal with a multigenerational labor force which demands different types of needs. Because each generation has its unique needs, there should also be different expectations from diverse groups in a multigenerational labor force. Unlike younger employees who can be hired straight from school, organizations should hire older employees who have had a lot of experience (Ilmakunnas, & Ilmakunnas, 2011). This is because it is the older employees that the younger ones look up to for guidance during work challenges due to their perceived experience. Older workers owing to the exposure they have had in their careers should be expected to have better social skills than younger employees as well as showing a greater degree of independence (Van Dalen, Henkens, & Schippers, 2010). Therefore, due to the time that older professionals have spent on their careers and in life as well, they should thus be held to a higher standard than younger individuals who have spent a relatively shorter time in their careers.


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June 12, 2023
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