Geriatric assessment

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Geriatric Assessment

Geriatric assessment is a multidisciplinary and multidimensional evaluation of older people's physical health, functional capacity, social, and environmental situations, as well as their mental and cognitive abilities. When healthcare providers notice a potential concern, the assessment process begins (Ward, & Reuben, 2016). The physician assesses certain aspects of physical health, such as fecal, nutrition, hearing, vision, balance, and urine continence. Furthermore, the geriatric evaluation aids in the planning of treatment and the establishment of follow-up plans, the identification of medical issues, the evaluation of optimal placement and long-term care needs, and the coordination of care management. Geriatric assessment includes nonmedical domains hence differing from the standard medical evaluation by emphasizing in the quality of life and functional capacity that incorporates multidisciplinary team (Ward, & Reuben, 2016). Furthermore, the process yields further comprehensive and pertinent psychosocial concerns, medical glitches and functional complications. Survey instruments and tools, which are well validated used in the evaluation of urinary continence, hearing, daily living, fecal and balance, are an inescapable part of the geriatric assessment.

Special Considerations in Geriatric Assessment

Physician and nurses should understand special considerations when evaluating the older adults by first investing more time in the assessment. This is because the health assessment of the older people takes more time as compared to the younger people. This may include multiple medications that need to be reviewed hence taking a long time for patients to gather, read and organize. It’s important for nurses to ensure they have proper hearing aids, lightning, and glasses (Ward, & Reuben, 2016). In addition, it critical for nurses to observe the functional status changes and mental status change to determine how well the patient can take care of their self as well as dealing with the promotion of own health.


Ward, K., & Reuben, D. (2016). Comprehensive geriatric assessment. UpToDate2013. http://www. uptodate. com/contents/comprehensive-geriatric-assessment.

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