Analysis of Apple Incorporation Advertisement

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When people try to make sense of the thing in the world

People gather information to be able to understand and compare it. Analyzing the information enables people to narrate what they see or hear. It gives an understanding in which every person makes sense of their cultures and environment. This changes how people think and shapes option of everyone in the society. The influential people know this and use this information to gain control of other people. The paper will look into how Apple Incorporation was able to use this information to influence consumers to buy their product and also show their values as a company.

Analysis of the Apple Advertisement

The advertisement talks about being different from other people and making changes in the world. The advert campaign uses different influential people in our history to pass the message. All the characters shown in the advertisement has different characteristics, and they influenced the world with their deeds. The individuals' style made them different because they had a different opinion on how things should be done. The message Apple company was sending out was that the company was different from the others and anyone who bought their product would be different. It also implied that if someone is different and needs to change the world one needs to buy their product. The individuals went through against all orders to be successful. Any audience which sees this advertisement would want to resonate with such people and hence want to buy the product.

Many people nowadays want to relate to the influential people in the advertisement

Because of the changes that they brought. Nowadays people quote these people who were considered to be crazy, misfits, rebels, troublemakers, and round pegs in square holes. During their time, the individuals shown in the advertisement faced a lot of changes, and many people can relate to them with their personal life. Apple Incorporated wanted the consumers to feel different when using their products. The company can make people want to buy the product since it makes the consumer different and if one is seen with the product the individual is considered to be different.

The advertisement shows the happy faces of these influential people

That whatever they were going through they still were able to be satisfied. The message to the purchaser is that one can be going through a lot of things and still be different. The voice, music, and sound used in the advertisement emphasize the importance of the message being passed. It makes the consumer want to listen until the end, and this influences the decision of the consumer. At the end of the advertisement, the consumer is left with the desire to know more about this product. The consumer has the desire to be related to this product hence increase the sales of the product. The voice and music of the advertisement raise the emotions of the consumer, wanting the consumer to be related to the images. Any consumer who wants to be part of making a change in the world will purchase the product.


The commercial crusade can be considered a success since it was able to relate to the consumer and also pass a message on the values the company has. The advertisement shows that the company wants the consumer to bring change to the world and the consumer can do it by using their product. The commercial also shows that apart from the influential people being considered to be different they are currently supposed to be geniuses. The success of the individuals has also expressed in the images, and for the consumer, such progress is essential for them. The campaign brings out the emotions of the consumer, and it makes them want to buy the product. Considering when the advertisement was done and the success of the company currently it would mean that the ad was a success.

Apple incorporated was able to increase its sales and also remain competitive

The company was able to introduce something different into the market which the consumer came to accept and appreciate. Both of the advertisement brings out what values the companies want to have for their products but also calling out for the consumers who want to be different from buying. Considering one the advertisement is old and the success the company got due to the ad. The same can be said for the Ram advertisement since it will influence the consumer decision by just wanting to be related to the product.

August 21, 2023



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