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Dubai is well-known for its incredible heritage and culture and astonishing modern technology. In other words, there is much to see, do and experience which can be overwhelming. My Dubai, a company of holiday experts who have the mix of the country’s culture and innovation, assist tourists in hotel booking and traveling during their holiday vacations (Why My Dubai, n.d.). These experts give tour and travel advice from the years of experience they have in the travel industry. By making the most out of the quality and luxury accommodations offered in Dubai, the company sells holidays they have personally tried and tested. As a result, customers get to have unique hassle-free travel experiences that stem from insider knowledge.

Below is an analysis of website. The analysis will explore the website in regard to its design, colors used, writings, pictures, and the target audience. In addition, the strengths and weakness of the website will be outlined.

Overall Design

Regardless of their size, businesses that aim at reaching a larger market should greatly consider website design. In fact, this is a worthwhile investment to take as a tool for business growth. The increase in Internet usage has provided an open door for businesses to reach out to customers from different walks of life. In making the most out of every opportunity, companies that invest in websites enjoy the benefit of an improved brand awareness and effective marketing strategies (Van & Tu, 2016). This, however, calls for quality and professionally built websites that will ensure customers get the intended information seamlessly.

My Dubai website’s overall design is very simple but appealing. The homepage, for instance, contains only a few headers consisting of the company’s logo, the contact information, links to the frequently asked questions, “why My Dubai” and a blog (My Dubai, n.d).  Below the headers are pictures in a slide show; introducing the user to the website and a new member of the team and advertisements of the Palm Island accommodation services, the United Arabs Emirates Airline (My Dubai, n.d).  The body of the page consists of various accommodations with their respective prices, bonuses, flights, meals, and tour. For further details and booking, a link is provided below each of the holiday packages.

On the homepage is an overview of Dubai in regard to the weather and experiences. Also, there are captivating advertisements on interest-free holidays and exclusive deals. More information is given to about the ultimate holiday package deal, the best value deals and resorts, and why choose Dubai. There are hyperlinks in blue on the page content for further information. On the page is a prompt to sign up is given to anyone who would wish to receive email notifications about My Dubai. On the bottom, company details and addresses including social media platforms links to are provided. In addition, there are external links for services the company offers to other countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Fiji, U.S.A and other countries around the globe (My Dubai, n.d).


Finding the perfect color combination for a website is usually challenging. As earlier mentioned, the website serves as a marketing tool for businesses. The primary role of a website is to influence people’s behavior and compel them to take action. According to (Ciotti, 2014), the ‘psychology of color’ is very paramount in maximizing website design. In other words, the psychology of color plays a big role in persuasion. Therefore using the best color for the target audience would ensure their attention is captivated for a longer time.

My Dubai website uses sky blue color throughout the website which blends with the sky’s reflection on the ocean and swimming pools. Dark and light blue colors are used to distinguish one button also, the hyperlinks in the content text are blue in color. The background is white apart from the bottom of the page containing the contact and additional information which is grey. In the white background, the font is black and white in blue backgrounds. Moreover, icons and text in the buttons are white. The website’s consistency color makes it appealing. Barker, (2016) asserts that color blue symbolizes trustworthiness thus creating an atmosphere of coolness.


In as much as the website is appealing, having rich content matters a lot. Websites with great content captivate readers which help businesses and brands to retain and even attract new customers (Bharathi & Sudha, 2018). Great content captivates audiences and keeps them coming back, something that helps companies to stand out among their competitors (Ng, 2016). The contents of My Dubai’s website are captivating and unique. They define their mission and most importantly, the content shows how committed the company is to serve their customers by showing what they do best. Reading the various articles, one is able to understand the company’s big picture. A good example of a rich website content is “Why My Dubai” page that brings everything pertaining to the services and overall company information into perspective for the reader. Captivating headings like “Hot Deals Dubai Deals” only leaves one wanting to know more about it.


As the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Similar to great website content, photographs featured in websites captures people’s attention. A rich written description is great but when rightly used, high-quality photograph content speaks even more to potential customers (Bordbar, 2016). The photographs used throughout the website are not only captivating and high-quality but also up to date and used with purpose. Every single photo contributes greatly to the overall story of the services offered and go hand-in-hand with the content written alongside.

Target Audience

The website targets anyone wishing to have a holiday in Dubai by helping them make the most of their time in touring and accommodation. The external links to other sites show that the target audience is not only limited to those visiting Dubai to other countries of the world. With trusted experts, hand-crafted holidays, and perfect partnerships My Dubai aims at ensuring travelers have a stress-free holiday at an affordable price.


The website is very appealing and uses matching colors that blend with the environment in which most of the services are offered. My Dubai’s webpage contains a rich written content and high-quality photos that speaks a lot to the readers. Moreover, the pages are well-constructed and functional, and the navigation is good. The consistency and uniformity make it easier even for visitors to understand and stay on the website. Visitors also have the privilege of sharing contents on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. For anyone wishing to receive My Dubai updates, just typing an email address and clicking the button would sign them up. Most importantly, My Dubai values customers’ feedback, input, and queries where visitors are provided with various ways of contacting them.


The website does not have an overall picture gallery that collectively groups all pictures of the various places in different angles where the reader can go through them at once. Because of that reason, a person who would just wish to have a general view of places to go would spend much time navigating from one page to another. Some links on the bottom page such as travel insurance, weather and price beat guarantee should be placed as the header to avoid too much congestion at the bottom. The website should also consider using dark or light blue or white color at the bottom of the pages rather than grey which does not blend with the main website colors. Finally, since not everyone might be on Facebook and Instagram, the company should consider creating a Twitter account in order to reach all people at their convenience.


The paper has analyzed the overall design of My Dubai Company. The main color, blue, symbolizes a cool atmosphere which happens to be the kind of services the company offers. The rich content written and the high-quality pictures captivate the readers and deliver talks a lot about the service offered. The company’s target audience is tourists who not only wish to visit Dubai but also other parts of the world. The website’s strengths and weakness have been outlined. As a strength, the website is appealing, captivating and engaging to visitors that they can share contents via social media platforms. For the weaknesses, rather than using a blending color on the bottom, color gray is used.  In conclusion, My Dubai website is well designed, functional and easy to use and navigate.


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