Boot Department Affinity Diagram

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Customers also expressed dissatisfaction with the company's boot department. As a result, many cost centers must be reconsidered in order to determine their performance as well as their effect on output efficiency. Perhaps the output level has deteriorated, which may explain the high number of consumer grievances and declining returns traffic. As a result, outlining the primary cost centers would be extremely beneficial in determining the source of the current crisis. As a result, the presentation of this information in affinity diagrams is critical because it will aid in making educated decisions to reverse the diminishing stream of returns as well as re-establish positive feedback from customers by redressing their grievances (Jiao & Chen, 2015).

Affinity Diagram

The following diagram shows cost centers in the boot division of the shoe manufacturing company.

Cost Centers in the Boot Division

The Problem

Customer Complaints in the Boot Department

The affected Cost Centers


Possible Problems at the Cost Centers leading to Customer Complaints

Information Technology Cost Center

Accounting department Cost Center

Human Resource Management Cost Center

Transport Cost Center

Research & Development Cost center

Quality Control cost center

Less focus on after-sale transport

Poor quality of raw materials

Inadequate number of staff

- Limited Accounting Stationary

Poor flow of information

Less funding

More specialized Equipment for research

Improper application of Technology in production

Improper packaging and storage

-Many accounting errors

Limited motivation of staff

Poor condition vehicles

Delayed transport of ordered boots to customers

Limited access to communication equipment

More training required

Less focus on Innovation

Less monitoring of quality of output

-Inappropriate budgeting


The accounting cost center, human resource management cost center, information and technology cost center, research and development cost center, transport, and quality control form the basic cost centers whose operations could have led to customer complaints and problematic returns. Moreover, an affinity diagram would allow the management team to come up with the most comprehensive and effective solutions to the problems outlined to restore customer trust in the boot division.


Jiao, J. & Chen, C. H. (2015). Customer requirement management in product development: a review of research issues. Concurrent Engineering, 14(3), 173-185.

November 09, 2022

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