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Earnestand young is a large company in the united kingdom where it is involved with auditing of firms. Kaloti group is a company that deals with the gold, but it collaborates with the earnest and young, an audit firm, to give documents that indicate that they use the gold responsibly. An employee was sacked immediately after trying to expose the secret where the company had painted the gold a silver color to avoid the Morrocorestriction policy. He was also labeled a troublemaker of the group. The management would want to show some minor concerns regarding the evaluation results of the strengths and weaknesses associated with the audit reports that it has failed to comply. Iam also advocating that reckless and baseless firing an innocent employee who has seen the truth is unfair since the company wants to cover up.

It is recommendable if the company ensures amendments of its policies and as a result of various severe cases that indicate the company's fault in the failure to comply with the auditing and ethical codes stipulated by law and transfer or changing it to the activity-based cost system which will guarantee appropriate distribution of all the costs.

The memo will ensure that the company’s illegal activities such as unlawful transportation of gold are curbed since they make the company scandalous are addressed appropriately. The top management should be removed since they harass and condone irritating behavior in the business. It has been the primary reason why thatbusiness has been losing the tremendousreputation and brand image. The scandal of sacking one of the employees has also led the company to make the firm to have a terrible image and reputation in public. Earnest and young, who has been the company’s auditor, has issued false documents indicating that the group meets the standard required.

The article provides that the employees have been equipped with the ideas and knowledge regarding their rights at work. Some of these issues that are addressed in the business ethics are the corruption, fake approval, corporate social responsibility favors as well as bribery. The businesses are therefore recommended to follow a particular framework to gain the public acceptance and better reputation. A company is regarded as a helper and a guard of the employee’s job as well as to the society and therefore should follow the rules that are stipulated to ensure that it has a social responsibility to guarantee that the community benefits from it. For instance, the business should providetheir employee's job security is guaranteed despite the rise of concern by one of the employee. Also, the company should realize that that the society has more job opportunities to the society members.

 These firms should not be concentrating on corruption instead on developing asystem such as community roads and social amenities. Therefore a stakeholder should be benefitting directly from the company since he or she can be affected by the company's poor performance. For instance, a customer is a stakeholder who in any way affected by the company's problems including retrenchments and cutting of costs.

Also, the business should ensure that it has worked towards pleasing and meeting the legal, ethical as well as the economic responsibilities of the shareholders since it is a social responsibility as a whole. The business should ensure that it has improved both the living standards and the quality of living in the society that is around the industry while maintaining a constant profit or increasing it. For the company to establish a stronger belief regarding the corporate citizenship, both the requirements of the shareholder and the community must be guaranteed as well as the area that surrounds the business. The corporate citizenship is based only on the ability and quality of participation through dedication to incorporate citizenship that is well defined by the structure as well as a culture of the company.

The head of the audit and the director of the project should embark on safeguarding the rights of the employees of the company. Also, he should ensure that the public image and reputation, as well as the brand image,is achieved.

In conclusion, the management has indicated that the following areas are in dire need of being addressed as well as the issues related to harassment by the administration and the employers in the workplace. An incident employee was fired and named a whistleblower to prevent justice from prevailing. A workplace is therefore not considered as an environment where all the employees fear to raise their issues of concern. For instance, the harassment, both sexually and favoritism among the employees. An employee sacked for the attempt to report his view regarding the karate group. Therefore the management should reassure the employees that the administration will ensure that the management has made a viable retaliation as well ensure that the management has policies that are preventing the harassment, discrimination as well as any harassment concerning the federal penalties.

All the support regarding the matter will be held with the utmost privacy until the employee is found guilty. As a team and trusted employees of the organization, they have a collective responsibility to ensure that the working environment is enabling as well as declare the best working conditions for all colleagues. Also, the management wants to ensure that any misappropriate errors by the employees has been handled with the utmost care to prevent cases of exposing the information to the public. The management solution on availing the letter of appointment to avoid reckless sacking of employees.

October 30, 2023

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