Characteristics of entrepreneurial and entrepreneurship

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I have gained a thorough understanding of my entrepreneurial skills thanks to Wilson's book "Starting Your Own Business." I am confident that I have the essential qualities and features of an entrepreneur based on the positive and negative factors described in that section. I'll start by saying that I am confident in my ability to deal with unpredictability in the business sector. My time and personal savings have been invested in various endeavors throughout my time at university, and they have helped me develop the abilities I need to launch and manage a business. With the help of my successfully launched ticket firm, I was able to get experience in the ticketing sector. According to Wilson, one of the distinguishing and critical elements that all entrepreneurs have is the ability to take risks (Wilson 2011). For example the Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs. Therefore, this qualifies me as a potential entrepreneur.

Secondly, I have developed the right attitude and skills in planning ahead which has helped me to overcome any uncertainties. The failure to plan ahead leads to the result of failing. For the success of any business, it is important to always set the right goals and schedule the different tasks ahead. From my personal life, I have been well organized particularly because of proper goal setting and having the right plan in place. Entrepreneurs are the best planners (Wilson 2011). Furthermore, entrepreneurs have resilience and the right attitude in case their plans do not flourish as planned. Therefore, the skills in proper organization, planning, and goal setting are part of my resources that have always helped me to keep moving forward. Lastly but not least, I have the ambition and motivation to achieve the goals I have set. One of the greatest traits for entrepreneurs is the ability to have passion and ambition. From a personal introspection, I truly believe that I can make a good entrepreneur with the above skills and characteristics.

I have always been interested in starting a health consultancy business and online therapy website. According to McMillan the best way to build a business is to solve a problem (McMillan 2011). Firstly, the two business ideas fall within my ambition and passion which is to help people live healthy and happy through taking care of their body and mind. More than 60% of adults and about 30% children are considered obese (Muray 2017). In addition to this, mental health disorders have become common in America with only half of the people affected having the ability to access treatment (National Institute of Mental Health 2017). Therefore, this calls for a great need to provide a solution to this predicament. I believe that with offering online therapy and online health consultancy, I would have the ability to reach most people, particularly who may not afford to hire a therapist or health consultant respectively. Additionally, providing health consultancy will have a huge impact on people's lives especially if they are able to lead happy and healthy lifestyles. The growth of the internet has created opportunities to connect with people across the globe (McMillan 2011). Furthermore, the use of online therapy sessions will give people courage to talk about their problems as opposed to face to face therapy sessions. Through this, I will have the ability to reach millions of people who are experiencing mental health disorders and in need of help. The health consultancy business will provide free advisory to people on how to live long. Also, I truly believe that your body in the next ten years will depend on what you make of it now. Therefore, my goal will be to help people lead healthy lifestyles through expert advice on health.


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February 09, 2023

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