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Official article: Las Vegas shooter tried to buy tracer bullets before massacre pulled from CNN website The statement includes titles found in his source code. Some of the keywords found in the source code are "CNN", "us, Official:

Las Vegas shooter tried to buy Tracer — CNN” and “Paddock” (McKirdy, 2017). Meta his content found on webpage includes “IE=edge,chrome=1”, “og:image:height” and “og:image:height”.

Keywords form part of the story of an article. They are integrated into a statement that captures the topic of the title. Using keywords in your articles improves accessibility in SEO engines.The meta content defines the parameters of the images that is used within the article to depict the events that are alluded to in the meta title. Lastly, the meta title provides the major topic in the article and is placed on top of the web page. The keywords are placed strategically to reinforce the main theme under examination in the article.

Some of the other SEO strategies engaged in the article include internal linking. Internal linking serves the purpose of linking related stories within the website. It enables the determination of the anchor word. Some of the words that were used in the source code which reflect internal linking include “las-vegas-incident”, “Paddock” and “las-vegas-shooter”. Social media integration provides the next SEO strategy that was used in the web page. The web page is linked to facebook, twitter and Google plus platforms. To further improve the web page, the website should improve on usability (Kissmetrics, 2017). Should encourage interaction with the users. Such an initiative augments the ease in maneuvering through the website.


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McKirdy. E. (2017). Official: Las Vegas shooter tried to buy tracer rounds before massacre. CNN, Retrieved from

March 15, 2023


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