Competitive Strategy Analysis of SodaStream

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SodaStream's Product Leadership Strategy

SodaStream offers home carbonation systems to people allowing them to make sodas at home. The firm's product leadership strategy is to promote healthy living by generating health conscious goods. SodaStream slogan is "water made exciting" that attracts customers by educating them on the health implications of carbonated beverages. For example, the company informs its clients on the long-term impacts of sucralose, calorie, and aspartame intake (SodaStream, n.d.). Most importantly, SodaStream plays a significant role in conserving the environment by reducing plastic bottles in the landfills. The firm also relies on repeat business since its clients who purchase the systems ought to buy the carbonation refills. Although SodaStream has competitors, the company maintains its reputation by providing high-quality products.

How can SodaStream grow so quickly?

How can SodaStream grow so quickly, not just in the number of stores in which the product is available, but also in the number and variety of products?

SodaStream can proliferate through products and flavors diversification to increase its client base. Moreover, the company can modify or change its packaging method and branch out into other drinks that do not need carbonation. SodaStream would make the refills available in many stores to promote its accessibility for its clients with home-carbonation systems (Vertakova et al., 2016). The innovations that would enable SodaStream to improve its products, reduce production expenses, and increase its profits are the ones that might contribute to the growth of the company.

How does the SodaStream story relate to the competitive strategy concepts?

SodaStream's story relates to the competitive strategy concepts presented in the course texts since it highlights how the firm promotes its products through sustainability. That is, the company encourages its customers to use bottles that can be recycled. Additionally, its beverage products are healthier than the traditional sodas. SodaStream eradicates the environmental pollution by discouraging people from using plastic bottles (Vertakova et al., 2016). Specifically, the company fosters intake of more water through home-made sodas, which are not carcinogenic.


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September 18, 2023



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